World Mints and World Coins

World Mints and Central Banks That Sell Coins

2015 1/10 oz Canadian Gold Maple LeafFinding world mints is sometimes difficult.  Not every country has a mint.  Many countries have their coins made for them.  But, even if a country uses a mint other than its own it can still have uncirculated coin sets, also called mint sets, or proof sets, for sale.  And, if the country has special commemorative coins those must also be sold. 

Unfortunately, if the country only has coins for circulation there may be no outlet for obtaining them. 

Another problem is not every coin is sold to the public via a website.  Both the United States Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint are prime examples of countries not selling bullion coins except through authorized dealers, or authorized outlets. 

In this article we hope to provide links to new releases of major mints, with the expectation our readers can navigate to whatever coin wished.  Some mints have coins several years old still available.  Some major mints have a news feed which alerts visitors to upcoming releases.  In other cases, we have links to Central Banks, in particular to the coin page for new releases.  Several major mints have YouTube channels. 

Organizing Links to World Mints

The information is to be grouped by parts of the world.  We will try to indicate what kinds of coins or coin sets are available, such as commemorative coins and proof sets.  This article will concentrate on North America and Europe, Australia, and some significant countries of Asia. 

World Mints: North American Coins


Canadian coins come from the Royal Canadian Mint.  The new releases are found on the website under new releases

Canadian coins include circulating coins, commemorative coins, and uncirculated and proof sets.  The Royal Canadian Mint also mints bullion coins, but they are not sold via its website.

The Royal Canadian Mint also has a  YouTube channel  that showcases its coins in both English and in French.

United States

The United States Mint shows new releases at its Product Schedule menu.  For information about the mint please consult the mint’s informational releases under its news menu.   The United States Mint issues circulating coins, commemorative coins, uncirculated sets, and proof sets.

The United States Mint issues bullion coins, but they are not available via its website.

The United States also releases informative videos at its YouTube channel.


Mexican coins can be found at La Casa de Moneda de México.  Mexico issues circulating coins, commemorative coins, and bullion.

World Mints: European Coins

The countries in this section include those the United Nations considers in the European area.  Some are in Asia. 


Coins from Andorra, the small city state, can be found at Andorra – European Central Bank.


Armenia has a coin page with links to collector coins at the Central Bank of Armenia


Austrian coins include many commemorative coins.  It is also known for the bullion coins of the Philharmonic.  Now, another silver bullion coin series has joined the Philharmonic.  The mint is called Munze Osterreich


The Central Bank of the Republic of Belarus has a page devoted to commemorative coins.  For coins that have recently arrived along with their prices look here.


Belgium has closed its mint in January, 2018.  It does have circulating coins that can be viewed at the National Bank of Belgium.


Bulgarian coins are minted at the Bulgarian Mint.  Unfortunately, the few coins shown on the website are coins with older dates.


Croatian coins are issued by the Croatian National Bank – HNB


Cyprus uses euros as its currency.  Its coins are shown on the Cyprus National Bank website.


Czechia, or the Czech Republic, uses the Czech Mint to produce its coins.


The Royal Danish Mint is a major world mint, and produces commemorative coins, circulation coins, and coin sets for Denmark, as well as coins for other countries. 


Finnish coins are minted by the Mint of Finland.  The mint issues commemorative coins, circulation coins, and coin sets.  The Finnish Mint is a major mint with numerous coin offerings.

Finnish coins are in euros.


French coins are minted by Monnaie de Paris.  Commemorative coins and sets are available.  The coins are in euros.  This is an extensive collection of collectible coins.  Some previous year issues are also shown.

Monnaie de Paris has a channel on YouTube.


German coins come from multiple mints, each with its own mintmark.  An A mintmark indicates the Berlin Mint, a D mintmark indicates the Munich Mint or Bavarian Central Mint, an F mintmark indicates the Stuttgart Mint, a G mintmark indicates the Karlsruhe Mint, and a J mintmark indicates the Hamburg Mint.  Links to some of the mints are not found. 

Currently, German coins are in euro denominations.


Greek coins are made by other nations’ mints, and no outlet for Greek coins has been found.  Greece uses the euro.


Hungarian coins can be found at the Hungarian Mint.


The coins of Iceland are limited to circulation coins, and the Central Bank of Iceland issues them.


Irish coins of the Republic of Ireland are found at the Irish Central Bank.  There is also a place to subscribe to the newsletter.

Irish coins are in euro denominations.

Because selling coins through the Central Bank is relatively new for Ireland, copious older issues including sets are still available at the time of this list being compiled.


Italian coins can be found at the Italian Mint.  Italy uses the euro as its monetary unit.


Kazakhstan has a wide array of collectible coins at the Kazakhstan Mint


Kosovo uses the euro, but it does not mint its own coins.


Kolekcijas Monetas – Latvias Bank has a nice collection of Latvian commemorative coins.


Liechtenstein uses Swiss francs, and does not mint its own legal tender coins.


Lithuanian coins are found at the Lithuanian Bank.  Lithuania is currently using the euro denominations.


The Central Bank of Luxembourg has numismatic coins on its website.  These coins are in euros.


Malta has collector coins available at the Central Bank of Malta.  These coins are in euros.


The coins of Moldovia can be found at the National Bank of Moldovia website.


Monaco uses the euro for its coins, but so source of distribution from a mint or central bank can be found.


The Royal Dutch Mint produces the coins for the Netherlands.  Current coins are in euros.


Norwegian coins are available at Norges Bank, the Norwegian bank.


The Mint of Poland, Mennica Poiska, produces both commemorative and circulating coins for Poland.  The mint produces coins for several nations, including Niue, Belarus, and Cameroon.


The Mint of Portugal is called Imprensa Nacional – Casa da Moeda.  Portugal uses the euro.


Romanian coins can be found at the website of Monetaria Starulu.


Coins, including commemorative coins, are minted at the Moscow Mint and the Saint Petersburg Mint.  Also, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is responsible for Russian coinage.

San Marino

The coins of San Marino can be found at the

 San Marino Philatelic Numismatic Office

San Marino does not mint its own coins.  The currency in use is the euro.


Coins of Serbia are authorized by the National Bank of Serbia.


The Kremnica Mint produces Slovakian coins.


The Royal Mint of Spain – FNMT produces commemorative and circulation coins, along with sets, for Spain.  Spanish coins are in euros.


Sveriges Riksbank issues coins for Sweden. 


Swiss coins are shown on the website of the Swiss Mint.


Turkish coins are minted at the Turkish State Mint.  Coins include commemorative issues.


The National Bank of Ukraine has very little information on coinage, and seems to not release commemorative coins.

United Kingdom (UK)

The United Kingdom has the second oldest operating mint, the Royal Mint, in the world.  It produces high quality coins, including commemorative coins, and circulation coins.  Numerous proof sets are released annually.

The Royal Mint also produces bullion coins, and sells them via the Royal Mint Bullion website.

British coins are minted to a high standard.

Vatican City (Holy See)

Vatican City State coins are found on the Vatican City State website, and include sets.  The denominations used are in euros.

World Mints: Australian Coins


Australia has two major mints.  They had their beginnings as Royal Mint branches.

The Perth Mint produces commemorative and bullion coins for Australia. 

The Royal Australian Mint produces circulation coins, and some commemorative coins for Australia.  The uncirculated coin sets and proof sets are produced by the Royal Australian Mint.

Hutt River Province

The coins of Hutt river Province are certainly not universally accepted, but they do exist.  Currently, the Royal Mint of Hutt River issues numerous commemorative coins.  For more of the problem with universal acceptance please read the article o Hutt river Province.

World Mints: Asian Coins

Countries in Asia that are part of the European Zone are included in the European section.  They are not duplicated here.


Chinese coins are shown on the website of the People’s Bank of China.


India has four mints.  The link are to the mint in Mubbai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad are the three that currently mint coins for India.


There are numerous coins from Israel shown at this link.


The Mint of Japan produces some beautiful coins, as evidenced by the now complete Prefecture Series.


The Central Mint produces circulation and commemorative coins for Taiwan.

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We have other articles at Black Spaniel Gallery.  We also have a coin and coin supply product line.

We have other articles at Black Spaniel Gallery.  We also have a coin and coin supply product line.

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