Women of France Coin Series

Women of France Coin Series

Women of France Coin Collection from Monnaie de Paris

The Monnaie de Paris, Paris Mint, has released three new coin designs for the Women of France coin series. This year the three new coin designs are the coins for George Sand, Jose’phine de Beauharnais, and De’seree’ Clary. These join other coins featuring women who influenced France from earlier years.

The coins are minted in both gold and in silver.

The silver coins have a denomination of ten euros. They are minted in 0.900 silver, and weigh 22.2 grams. These are proof coins.

The gold coins are also proof quality. These are one quarter ounce with a denomination of fifty Euros, and one ounce with a denomination of two hundred Euros. The gold coins have a 0.999 purity.

All of the coins are minted with a free strike. This gives them the appearance of being older than they are. The edges are not sharp, as they would be in most coins. But, historically the ancient coins were struck with a hammer, and the edges were not sharp. This is probably due to the historical significance of the subject matter of the coins.

George Sand (1804 – 1876)
George Sand was a pen name of the novelist whose real name was Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin. She is depicted in masculine garb on the obverse of the coin. On the reverse of the coin she is depicted with Chopin.

Jose’phine de Beauharnais (1763 – 1814)
Jose’phine de Beauharnais was empress to Napoleon I. The reverse shows her face, while the obverse of the coin shows her being crowned empress by Napoleon I.

De’seree’ Clary (1777 – 1860)
De’seree’ Clary was a French woman who was married to one of Napoleon’s generals. Later, her husband became King Charles XIV John, King of Sweden and Norway. She spent much of her time in France, even though she was Queen of Sweden and Norway.

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French History in Coins

One of the themes that frequently runs through the coins of the Monaie de Paris is French history. These coins fit that theme quite well. Each of the women shown has had an influence of the history of France.

It is an appropriate theme since even the Monnaie de Paris is itself historical. It is the oldest operating mint in the world. The Monnaie de Paris is slightly older than the Royal Mint in Britain.



The 2017 Women of France Coins

Second Year of Series

The 2017 coins include Catherine de Medici, Olympe de Gouges, and La Marquise de Pompadour.


The 2016 women of France Coins

First Year of Series

The first year of the series includes three women who could be argued to be more influential on French culture than those selected in subsequent years. At least collectively. 2016 has quite an impressive selection.

The three women selected for 2016 were Queen Clotilde, wife of Clovis who united the Franks. She is credited with the conversion of Clovis to Christianity, and thus the Christianity of France. Matilda of Flanders, who was granddaughter of Robert II of France, and wife of William the Conqueror. And, Joan of Arc.

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