W Mint Mark Quarters

W Mint Mark Quarters Now Coming Out

Now W mint mark quarters will be randomly circulated. The United States Mint is currently making some effort to encourage coin collecting.  On April 2, 2019, the United States Mint began a year-long effort to release quarters minted at West Point.  Until now the West Point mint mark has appeared infrequently, and not on circulation coins.  It is generally used for bullion coins, such as the American Eagle series.  Occasional commemorative coins have also been produced at West Point.  Normally, West Point mints precious metal coins.  The prior exception is one dime that contained the W mint mark. 

The W Mint Mark Quarter Release

Throughout 2019 the United States Mint plans to release ten million West Point quarters.  These will be released mixed with quarters from the Philadelphia and Denver branch mints, and they are to be included at random in rolls of quarters sent out for circulation. 

The better news is that there will be five different quarters with the W mint mark.  The releases will be two million of each of the five America the Beautiful quarters that are scheduled for release in 2019.  They include Lowell Historic National Park for the State of Massachusetts, American Memorial Park for the Commonwealth of the Marianas Islands, War in the Pacific National Historic Park for the territory of Guam, San Antonio Mission National Historical Park for the State of Texas, and the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness for the State of Idaho. 

Timing of the Release

The April 2 release coincides with the 227th anniversary of the United States Mint.  The American Numismatic Association uses the week of April 21 through April 27 as its National Coin Week.

Imitating the Royal Mint

The Royal Mint has had an impact with the Great British Coin Hunt.  So, this is being referred to at the Great American Coin Hunt.  A major difference is that the British coin hunt had collectible coins available for purchase at the Royal Mint, as well as those placed in circulation.  The only place the United States Mint apparently will release these coins is in circulation.  This makes obtaining a pristine uncirculated coin difficult, and a proof coin impossible.  Getting all five quarters before they show any wear will be extremely difficult.

The Release

The information used in this article on the W mint mark quarters came from the release by the United States Mint titled “U. S. Mint Announces W Mint Mark Circulating Quarter Collectible.”  The article was released by the United States Mint.

Potential Problems

There are two problems that can readily be foreseen.  First, banks are likely to receive numerous requests for quarter rolls.  Second, with the America the Beautiful quarter series in its tenth year, many albums and map holders have holes for what was perceived as the entire series.  Now, we will have five more quarters than expected, and possibly more if this program is continued into 2020.

Initial W Mint Mark Issues

Initially the United States Mint used the West Point Mint to produce its gold bullion artist series of rounds. 

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