Viking Ships Coin Series

Viking Ships Coin Series

Viking Ships Coin Set from Canada

The Viking Ships Coin series of the Royal Canadian Mint is indeed a beautiful set of coins.  The coins each have a different view of a drakkar, or Viking ship, under full sail.  The word drakkar means Viking longboat, the name refers to the dragon head on the ship’s prow.  It was in vessels such as the ones pictured that the Vikings sailed to North America before Columbus was even born.


The evidence that the Vikings landed in what is now Newfoundland, Canada, exists in the form of ruins of a millennium old Viking settlement at L’Anxe aux Meadows in Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula. The evidence is clear that Vikings landed in Canada well before the time of Columbus.


The Viking Ships Coin Subscription

A Short Coin Set

The three coins of the Viking Ships coin series are available as a subscription, or as individual coins.  The first two coins are already available, and the third coin is scheduled for a release in March, 2018.  The entire series is dated 2018.


Viking Ships Coin Set

Viking Ships 3-coin Subscription – Mintage…

History’s most legendary dragonhead ships! Subscribe today to receive all three coins! [More]

Price: C$104.95
Sale: C$104.95



The Viking Ships Coin Description

About the Coins

The coins each are designed to show a Viking ship with a different, unique perspective.


The first coin titled Northern Fury shows the dragon head on the prow of a Viking ship in the foreground, and a head-on view of a second drakkar under sail.  The image of the second vessel shows shields on the sides of the ship, stored ready to be grabbed for battle.


The initials PB are found on the reverse of the first coin for the artist Patrick Belanger.


The coin is accented with a decorative, colorful ring.


Viking Ships Coin, First in Series
Viking Ships Coin, First in Series

1 oz. Pure Silver Coloured Coin – Viking S…

First coin in new 3-coin series! Order today! [More]

Price: C$104.95
Sale: C$104.95



The second coin titled Dragon’s Sail shows a close-up of the front of a Viking ship with a full sail catching the wind.  The background of this coin includes the Northern Atlantic coast.


This coin has the initials JPV on the reverse of the coin for the artist, Jean-Pierre Vallee.


The second coin in the series also shows a colorful ring near the edge.


Viking Ships Coin, Second in Series
Viking Ships Coin, Second in Series

1 oz. Pure Silver Coloured Coin – Viking S…

Inspired by the saga of Leif Eriksson’s voyage from Greenland to Vinland! Second coin i… [More]

Price: C$104.95
Sale: C$104.95



The third coin titled Viking Voyage has a design that features a view from above of a Viking ship with a more ornate sail.  A few men can be seen on the deck, along with a cask.  Also visible are shields hanging on the side of the ship.  The dragon head prow is quite elaborate on this coin.


The initials NH are found on the coin’s reverse.


This coin has a very colorful ring near the edge.


The obverse of each coin is the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.


Viking Ships Coin Set Specifications

The Details


The mintage of each coin in the Viking Ships coin set is six thousand.  The coins each contain one Troy ounce of 0.9999 fine silver.  The denomination of the coins in this set is twenty dollars Canadian.  These coins are minted with a proof finish.  The coins come with a serialized certificate of authentication.


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