United States Silver Bullion

United States Silver Bullion

United States Silver Bullion Coins

There are two main United States silver bullion coins.  Unlike silver bullion coins from many other mints, there is only one size of each coin.  The smaller of the two coins is the silver American Eagle.  This coin is very popular, especially in the United States.  The one negative is that the image does not change annually, it is permanently set.  The larger coin is the American the Beautiful silver quarter.  The obverse does not change, except for the year placed on it, but the reverse varies several times each year.


The Silver American Eagle

The Smaller United States Silver Bullion Coin

2007 Burnished American Silver Eagle
2007 American Silver Eagle

The United States silver American eagle coin is minted in proof and uncirculated varieties.  The uncirculated coins are both sold by the mint in cases, which are collector pieces, and sold to dealers as bullion.  The bullion coins are currently being collected, and are the least expensive of the coins.  Unfortunately, the bullion coins not in a display case are not sold directly to the collectors, only to the dealers.


The silver American eagle coins are each one ounce and have a purity of 0.9993.  The coins use the same obverse as the walking liberty half dollar.


The America the Beautiful Silver Quarter

The Five-Ounce Size

There are large silver quarter coins, five-ounces each.  These are minted in proof and also in bullion.  Like the American eagles, the uncirculated coin is sold in a display case or loose through a dealer.  The quarters are minted in 0.999 fine silver.    The first five of these quarters came out in 2010, and the program will run through 2020.  Each year five new quarters are minted, with the last year having six quarters scheduled.


The America the Beautiful quarters depict scenes from the United States, and its six territories, such as national parks.  There will be a total of fifty-six quarters when the program reaches its conclusion.

Protecting United States Bullion Coins

Coin Capsules

The America the Beautiful quarters are too large for Mylar 2X2 holders. The American eagle coins require an oversize Mylar 2X2 holder that are 2.5X2.5.  This makes them too large to store in a box designed to hold other Mylar 2X2 holders.


The best option to protect one of these coins is a coin capsule.  The Air-Tite H-40 is good for the silver American eagle, and the Z-5 fits the America the Beautiful quarter.  These capsules offer both physical and environmental protection.


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