United States Mint August Coin Releases

United States Mint August Coin Releases

United States Mint August Coin Schedule for 2018

The United States Mint August coin schedule includes several coins of interest.  Perhaps not as impressive as the first ever silver reverse proof set released in July, nor the palladium American Eagle proof coin scheduled for September, but the August releases are well worth considering.  The focus will be on the silver proof American Eagle, but will also include America the Beautiful quarter releases and Presidential Medals.


The Silver Proof American Eagle

The First United States Mint August Coin Release

The United States Mint plans an August 14, 2018, release of the silver proof American Eagle.  This coin will have the S mintmark for the San Francisco Mint.  It will come with a box and certificate of authenticity.  It is highly recommended that both be kept with the coin.


How does this coin differ from the silver proof American Eagle that was released on January 4, 2018?  The coin issued in January was minted at West Point, and this coin is being minted in San Francisco.  This coin bears the S mintmark.  The January issue has the W mintmark.



Presidential Silver Medals

Also Expected in August, 2018

The Unites States Mint has two silver presidential medals scheduled for release.  The George Washington Presidential Silver Medal and the John Adams Presidential Silver Medal are scheduled for release August 16, 2018.


The question is whether the Presidential Silver Medals will have appeal.  There are still many bronze medals available at the United States Mint.  One problem is many numismatists insist on the collectible be an actual coin.  But, there is a problem with making the medals as coins.  First, Congress has to authorize coinage.  But even more serious is that the bronze medals include living former presidents.  By law, a living person cannot be shown on a coin.


The other problem is precious metals sell better than bronze.  This problem seems to have been solved.  But, before the gold American Eagle there was a five-year minting of gold medallions depicting artists as the United States entered the bullion market.  I would venture to guess that many numismatists have ever heard of the ten medals that came out two per year.   So, is minting in silver enough to induce interest?


America the Beautiful Quarters

Cumberland Island National Seashore

On August 27, 2018, the United States Mint plans to release bags and rolls of the Cumberland Island National Seashore quarter that represents the State of Georgia.  All three mints are to be included in this release.


On August 30, the five-ounce fine silver Cumberland Island National Seashore quarter will be released.  This coin comes in a box, and should remain with the box to distinguish it from the bullion version of the same coin.


Other quarters are available on Ebay.


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