UNESCO:  Banks of the Seine Coin from France

UNESCO:  Banks of the Seine Coin from France

UNISCO:  Banks of the Seine Coin Louvre to Launch June 14

The UNISCO:  Banks of the Seine coin series is a concentration within a series.  The entire series began in 2007.   Initially, world sites were the subject of the annual coin in the series.  However, since 2014, the Monnaie de Parie, Paris Mint, has made the banks of the Seine the focus of the series, effectively making a series within a series.


Also, the early coins were minted in smaller denominations.  Another change is that since 2015 is that rhodium and gold are used to highlight the silver coins, except the five hundred Euro coin new for 2018.


Current UNESCO:  Banks of the Seine Coin Specifications

The Details

Because the details are not yet listed, the 2017 coin details are used as an estimate.


In 2018 there are three silver coins.  The ten Euro coin, the fifty Euro coin, and the five hundred Euro coin.  The ten and fifty Euro coins are selectively enhanced with rhodium and gold.  The mintage is five thousand coins.


The silver is 0.900 silver.  It has a weight of 22.2 g, and is minted with a proof finish.  The fifty Euro coin weighs 163.8 g.  It is minted with a proof finish.  The silver in this coin has a purity of 0.950.  So, there are five ounces of silver in this coin.  Mintage is just five hundred.


Because the five hundred Euro is making its debut, the only information available is that it is a one-kilogram silver coin, and its image shows no colorful enhancement.


There are also three gold coins.  These are proof coins, and minted with a purity of 0.999.


The smallest gold coin is the half-gram coin.  It has a mintage of five thousand.


The largest coin is the two hundred Euro coin.  It has a mintage of only five hundred pieces.  This coin contains one ounce of pure gold.


The quarter ounce gold coin is the fifty Euro coin.  It has a mintage of two thousand.


The Series

UNESCO:  Banks of the Seine Coin Series and Older Issues


2018  Louvre and Pont des Arts


2017  National Assembly and Place of Condore


2016  Orsay Museum and Petit Palais


2015  Invalides and Grand Palais


2014  Eiffel Tower zand Palais de Chaillot


2013 Notre Dame de Paris


2012  Egypte


2011  Versailles


2010  Taj Mahal


2009  Kremlin of Mosoow


2oo8  Grand Canyon


2007  Great Wall of China




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