Uncle Scrooge Coin – Bullion

Uncle Scrooge Coin – Bullion

Uncle Scrooge Coin from Niue

The Uncle Scrooge coin is about to become available.  There are pre-sales at several major distributors, and even some on Ebay.  One major dealer gives May 11, 2018 as the first shipping day.


The Uncle Scrooge McDuck silver coin is a bullion coin.  But, as has been pointed out in other articles, bullion coins are becoming popular with some numismatists because they consider the value of the precious metal as a protection from dropping numismatic prices.   The interest is also due to the interesting subject matter depicted on some of the bullion coins.


Uncle Scrooge McDuck is a Disney Character.  He is the rich uncle of Donald Duck.  He is a popular character, so Disney enthusiasts may also have an interest in the coin.


The Uncle Scrooge Coin from Niue

Minted by the New Zealand Mint

The small island nation of Niue is prolific with coin varieties.  While this may be a problem with some commemorative coins competing with each other, the precious metal value insulates bullion coins to a certain degree from this possibility.


The New Zealand Mint, the maker of many Niue coin, albeit not all Niue coins, is a private mint.  It does mint coins for different nations, including New Zealand.  It seems the silver bullion coins of Niue are among the coins minted by the New Zealand Mint.


The Uncle Scrooge Coin

The Details

Mintage for this coin is set at two hundred fifty thousand, a number that indicates the bullion status of the coin.  The reverse of the coin features Scrooge McDuck in his customary attire of a top hat, coat, and spats holding a large bag of money and his walking cane.  The obverse of the coin is the Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.  The denomination of this coin is two New Zealand dollars.  This coin contains one Troy ounce of 0.999 fine silver, which is indicated on the obverse of the coin.


This coin features a licensed Disney character.  This makes it collectible by multiple groups.


Check with J M Bullion, Apmex, or Ebay.



Other Niue Silver Bullion

There Are Many

This coin follows the 2017 Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willey silver bullion coin.  It also joins the Disney Star Wars coins of Stormtrooper in 2018 and Darth Vader in 2017.  In addition, one version of the Year of the Dog silver bullion coin features Mickey Mouse.


In addition to Disney silver bullion, Niue has the Double Dragon – Pearl of Wisdom silver bullion coin.  Another silver bullion coin is the Athenian Owl silver bullion coin, a silver bullion coin that repeats annually.  There is a Lunar silver coin in addition to the one with Mickey Mouse.


Then there is the Czech Lion silver bullion coin.  This is an unusual coin in that one country uses symbols of another country  on a coin.


The other set of Niue silver bullion coin is the Hawksbill Turtle silver coins, which are similar to the Taku coins of the Fiji Islands.  The Hawksbill Turtle is available in the half-ounce, one-ounce, and five-ounce sizes, making a nice set of bullion coins.  This is also a repeating image coin that uses the same image annually.  It is not uncommon for the New Zealand Mint to make similar coins for different nations.


Find Niue silver bullion coins on Amazon   or check with J M Bullion, Apmex, or Ebay.


Find older coins in coin catalogs listed on Amazon.  Current year coins are usually not yet in the catalogs.

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