Two Dragons Silver Coin Bullion

Two Dragons Silver Coin Bullion

Two Dragons Silver Coin from the Royal Mint

The Two Dragons silver coin from the Royal Mint is an exciting new bullion coin.  This coin features two dragons.  One dragon is styled like the Chinese dragons.  The other dragon represents the Red Dragon of Wales.  This coin, where east and west come together, is being minted to celebrate fifty years of the Royal Mint being located in Llantrisant, South Wales.


The Royal Mint was once located in the Tower of London, but currently is housed in Wales.


The Two Dragon Silver Coin Design

The Image Used on the Coin

The two dragons are set with one above the other.  The top dragon looks to be Chinese in design, and has a similarity to the Lunar series dragon of the Perth Mint.  It is reminiscent of a dragon costume used for a Chinese New Year celebration, a twisting serpentine dragon.   The other dragon is the Welch Red Dragon from the welch Coat of Arms and flag.  It is winged, and has a pointed tail.


The reverse of the coin was designed by Tim Noad.  The obverse of the coin was designed by Jody Clark.


The obverse of the coin is the effigy of queen Elizabeth II.


Two Dragons Silver Coin Royal Mint Image
Two Dragons Silver Coin Royal Mint Image



Two Dragons Silver Coin Specifications

The Details

The Two Dragons silver coin is minted in 0.999 fine silver.  The coin is one Troy ounce.   The coin is minted to bullion standards.  The mintage is limited to fifty thousand pieces, which is low for a silver bullion coin.  The packaging by the Royal Mint is a single mint capsule, which offers much physical and environmental protection.  The denomination of each coin is two pounds.


Two Dragons Coin Among Many

Royal Mint Other Silver Bullion Coins

The Two Dragons coin joins several other excellent silver bullion coins from The Royal Mint.  The Royal Mint also makes the well-known and highly respected Britannia.  For several years the Royal Mint has been producing coins in a silver Lunar Series coins.  A recent addition to the silver bullion coins is the Landmark Series, now in its second year.  And, a series of silver bullion coins that is well worth consideration is the Queen’s Beasts Series.


Even with so many other coins, there is reason to rejoice at the addition of the Two Dragons coin.

There is no indication whether or not a gold version will soon be issued.


For bullion coins look at the Royal Mint Bullion.


The Royal Mint

Over a Millennium Old

The Royal Mint can be argued to be the oldest operating mint.  Unless one were to claim it to have ended when it moved to Wales, it is indeed the oldest mint.  The other European mint that is close to the Royal Mint in age is Monnaie de Paris.

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