Treasures of Paris Coins Feature Famous Buildings

Treasures of Paris Coins Feature Famous Buildings

Treasures of Paris Coins Showcase Paris

The Treasures of Paris coins form a collection that is currently in its third year.  The coins feature famous buildings in Paris.  There is a common obverse for the coins of the series.  The obverse shows the districts of Paris from the air represented by pyramids.  These flank the River Seine as it makes its way through Paris.


The reverse of each coin represents a famous building in Paris.  The silver coins are enhanced by being selectively gilded with gold.  This actually makes a nicer appearance than that of the gold version of the same coin.


Two coins are to be released annually.


Although a series normally has the repeating side as the obverse, the Monnaie de Paris lists the repeating side as the reverse.


Treasures of Paris Coins 2018

The Gates of the Chateau de Versailles

The 2018 Treasures of Paris coin is the Gates of the Chateau de Versailles.  This coin features the Chateau de Versailles, known worldwide for its splendor.  The Paris Mint considers it the most beautiful building in Paris, and while beauty is relative to the observer it is hard to argue against that designation.


In the foreground is the central part of the gates, which is the gilded portion on the silver coins.  Here one can see a crown, indicating the building was once occupied by royalty.


The Chateau de Versailles, in addition to its beauty, has had a significant role in French history.  It was from Versailles that King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette fled during the French Revolution.


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Treasures of Paris Coins 2017

Genius of la Bastille and Statue of Liberty

One of the 2017 coin features the symbols of the Bastille and a column of the Trois Glorieuses.  In the foreground is the statue of the Genius of la Bastille, gilded in gold on the silver coins.


The Bastille also was historically significant, and is known for the place from which political prisoners were set free during the French Revolution.


The second coin of 2017 features the Statue of Liberty.  In this coin both the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower are shown.  In the foreground is the flaming torch, gilded in gold on the silver coins.


Treasures of Paris Coins 2016

Institut de France and Opera Garnier

One of the 2016 coin features the Institut de France.  This coin gives a view of the Institut de France from the Pont des Arts.  The dome in the foreground is gilded with gold selectively on the silver coins.


The other 2016 coin is The Opera Garnier coin features the opera house in the background, with an open curtain in the upper left.  The foreground shows a statue that includes an angel as its focus.  The statue is gilded in gold on the silver coins.


The Treasures of Paris Coins, Collection


The coins come in both silver and gold.


The five hundred Euro silver coins have a purity of 0.9999, and weigh one kilogram.  These are rated Fleur de Coin, which means almost perfect.


The fifty Euro silver coins have a purity of 0.950, and are listed as five-ounce coins.  Each coin weighs 163.8 grams.


The ten Euro silver coins have a purity of 0.900, and weigh 22.20 grams.


The two hundred Euro gold coins weigh one ounce, and have a purity of 0.999.


These are proof coins.  The only coin not specifically specified as proof is the one-kilogram coin, but the Fleur de Coin specification supersedes the proof rating.




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