Trafalgar Square Landmarks of Britain Coin Third in Series

Trafalgar Square Landmarks of Britain Coin Third in Series

Trafalgar Square Landmarks of Britain Coin Second of 2018

The Royal Mint has a new silver coin, Trafalgar Square Landmarks of Britain coin.  This is the third coin in the Landmarks of Britain coin series, which started in 2017.  While a new bullion series often has a release each year, this is already the second release of 2018.  Of course the Royal Mint also released multiple bullion coins for the Queen’s Beasts series.  This is a plus for coin collectors, since the coins are affordable, and supported by the fine silver content of each coin.


The Trafalgar Square Landmarks of Britain Coin


The Trafalgar Square coin is the third in the Landmarks of Britain series, but its mintage is less than typical for a bullion coin.  The maximum mintage for the coin has been set at fifty thousand pieces.  The reverse design of the coin is the work of Glyn Davies and Laura Clancy.  Each coin contains one ounce of 0.999 fine silver.  The obverse is the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, as designed by Jody Clark.  The denomination of each coin is two pounds.


Trafalgar Square Coin
Trafalgar Square Coin Royal Mint Image



Trafalgar Square Coin Design

The Art

The coin shows one of the four bronze lions and Nelson’s column.  The square itself was designed by John Nash.  The column honors Admiral Horatio Nelson, and is named for his victory at Trafalgar.  The lions are the design of Edwin Landseer.


Prior Landmarks of Britain Coins

The First Two Coins

The first coin in the Landmarks of Britain series is Big Ben, and was issued in 2017.  The first 2018 issue is the Tower Bridge coin.  Neither of these coins indicates a maximum mintage on the Royal Mint’s bullion website.  The low mintage for the third coin, the Trafalgar Square Landmarks of Britain coin, indicates the Royal Mint is making the coin more collectible, possibly more so than than the others.


Will Future Releases Be More Universal?

So Far It’s Just London

The series is to celebrate Britain.  Britain has multiple countries.  Not only do the first three coins concentrate on England, but have the narrow focus of London.  When will the first Scotch, Welch, or Irish landmarks appear?  The United Kingdom is rich with landmarks, and the diverse culture should all be represented.  Scotland is known for its castles.  In fact, there are interesting places all about in the United Kingdom.


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