The Sower Coins from France

The Sower Coins from France

The Sower Coins of the Mint of Paris

The Sower coins of the Monnaie de Paris, or Paris Mint, are a wonderful coin series of numismatic collectability.  The coins feature a woman sowing seeds as she scatters them from a bag.  The woman has a long dress, as would have been worn in earlier centuries.  Perhaps the seeds represent something, such as the seeds of freedom of the French people.


The series began in 2002.  Within the series is the current seven-year coin thematic which began in 2014, of which five of the coins have been released.  The reverse is designed consistent with the most historically significant coins in French history.  There will eventually be seven coins in the thematic portion of the series, minted one per year.


The Sower Coins of the Past

The Image Has Been Used Before

The first Sower coins were circulation coins.  The image has been used on the obverse of coins before.


The Five Sower Coins

The Coins They Honor

The 2014 coin features the image from the denier of Charles the Bald.  Charles the Bald lived from 823 to 877, and was a grandson of Charlemagne.  An edict, the edict of Pistres, by Charles eventually led to authorization of the Monnaie de Paris, a mint now about one thousand one hundred fifty years old.

The 2015 coin features the Franc a Cheval, the first franc issued by the Monnaie de Paris.  The franc would be used as a main denomination when issues by the Monnaie de Paris until the change to the Euro was made.  The franc originated in 1350.

The 2016 coin represents the Teston, the first heavy silver coin of the Monnaie de Paris.  The mint eventually would be known as the leader in piedfort coins, or thick coins.

The 2017 coin, using the Louis d’Or design, honors the famous coin from the time of King Louis XII.  This coin was issued as the French coinage changed, and lasted until the French Revolution in 1792.

The 2018 coin is the coin representing the Ecu de 6 Livres, which represents the French revolution.  The Ecu de 6 Livres coin image shows the storming of the Bastille, the national guard, and revolutionaries wearing Phrygian caps.

The five themes selected thus far indeed do showcase the historical coinage of France.  They mark milestones in French coinage.


The Sower Coin Types

The Metals Used

The Sower coins are available in both silver and in gold.  The gold coins have a purity of 0.999, or 24-karat gold.  The silver coins have a purity of 0.900.  These coins come with a proof finish.


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