The Queen’s Beasts Coins of the Royal Mint Series

The Queen’s Beasts Coins of the Royal Mint Series

The Ten Coins of The Queen’s Beasts Coins of the Royal Mint Series

The List and Background

The Queen’s Beasts Coins of the Royal Mint Series  is a set of coins that celebrate the ancestry of the monarchy. There are ten figures in the Queen’s beasts collection of creatures holding heraldic shields representing the ancestral line of Queen Elizabeth II. When the throne is occupied by a king these figures are known as the King’s Beasts. The beasts are animals and mythical creatures.

The list of the ten beasts are:
The Lion of England;
The White Greyhound of Richmond;
The Yale of Beaufort;
The Red Dragon of Wales;
He White Horse of Hanover;
The White Lion of Mortimer;
The Unicorn of Scotland;
The Griffin of Edward III,
The Black Bull of Clarence; and,
The Falcon of the Plantagenets.


The Queen’s Beast Coins of the Royal Mint Series Issues

The First Coins


The series began in 2016 with The Lion of England coin. However, this coin was dated that year only in bullion, but the mint issues of the proof coins of The Lion of England coin is dated 2017. And, this situation of the bullion coins being released before the proof coins, continues.

At this time the bullion coins that are available are The Lion of England dated 2016 for the two ounce and 2017 for the ten ounce, The Red Dragon of Wales dated 2017, The Griffin  dated 2017  for the two ounce and 2018 for the 10 ounce, and the 2-ounce Unicorn of Scotland dated 2018. It is significant that the first coin was issued in 2016, since this was the year that Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch. And, it seems apparent that despite the order of the list normally found, among the early coins issued were the Lion of England, the Unicorn of Scotland, and the Red Dragon of Wales. The shields held by the creatures are also referred to as the defenders of the crown, so perhaps the order of release is to give notice to other members of the United Kingdom over other houses of nobility.


The Black Bull of Clarence is also now out.


Lion of England
Lion of England Image by the Royal Mint
Unicorn of Scotland
Unicorn of Scotland: Image by the Royal Miint
Red Dragon of Wale
Red Dragon of Wales: Image by the Royal Mint




The first three proof versions of these coins follow the same order, but The Lion of England and The Unicorn of Scotland both are dated 2017, with The Red Dragon of Wales is dated 2018.

The sizes used for the coins, other than bullion are the kilogram, the ten-ounce, and the five-ounce silver coins, and the kilogram, five-ounce, one-ounce, and one-quarter ounce gold coins. In addition, five-pound base metal coin is available on a mint card as an economical alternative.

Five Pound Coin
Five Pound Coin: Image by the Royal Mint

The bullion coins come in one-ounce and quarter-ounce gold coins, and one-ounce platinum coins. And, the silver bullion coins are available as two-ounce and ten-ounce coins.

For bullion consider the Royal Mint Bullion site.

Royal Mint Bullion

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