The New Disney Coins

The New Disney Coins

New Disney Coins from the New Zealand Mint

New Disney coins from the New Zealand Mint are so numerous it is hard to keep track of them.  Perhaps they are being overproduced.  Well, that is up to the potential buyer to determine.  But, Niue is the official country of record for these coins, and is known to annually produce an abundance of different coins.


The New Zealand Mint is a private mint.  It is not a government operated mint.  So, the New Zealand Mint is free to produce coins for small island nations.


But, even with the multitude of Niue coins, and the large number of them being Disney coins, two new isets seem to be worth consideration.


Alice in Wonderland

A Four Coin Set

This is a four-coin set of the characters in Alice in Wonderland.  One coin features Alice entering the tree trunk home of the March Hare.  Another coin features the Queen of Hearts using what appears to be a green buzzard as a scepter.  A third coin features the Cheshire Cat nestled in a tree bough.  The Cheshire Cat is grinning, while holding its ears and eye brows aloft by its own tail.  Finally, there is the Mad Hatter coin.  The Mad Hatter holds a gold pocket watch over an open teapot as a brown rabbit looks on.


These coins are all colorized.  Each coin contains one ounce of 0.999 fine silver.  Each coin comes with a proof finish.  Each bears the two-dollar denomination.  In addition, a box designed like a storybook houses the entire set.


Find this coin set on Ebay.


The Disney Princess Coins

Second Series

The new Disney coins featuring the Disney Princesses is now underway.  The second coin has been released.  This one features Belle pouring tea from a teapot.  Both the teapot and cup have facial features.  This is based on the story of Beauty and the Beast.


Bell is wearing a bright yellow flowing gown.


The first coin in the series, released with a 2018 date, is Cinderella.  On this coin Cinderella stands before a clock striking midnight.  She is in a blue gown.


There has already been a Disney Princess series from the New Zealand Mint for Niue, but this time there is a gemstone element added to each coin.  Perhaps this is an effort to thwart counterfeiting.  Copied coins are becoming a major problem.


The coins are proof, and contain one ounce of 0.999 fine silver each.  They have a denomination of two dollars.


Find the Disney Princess coins on Ebay.


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