The Dutch Lion Dollar

The Dutch Lion Dollar

The Lion Dollar from the Netherlands

The second silver Lion Dollar coin has been issued by the Royal Dutch Mint.  The Royal Dutch Mint, although privately owned since 2017, is still responsible for minting all coins for the Netherlands, as well as coins for other countries.


In 2017 the first commemorative silver lion coin was released.  In 2018 a second lion coin followed.  These use an obverse of a knight with a lion on his shield.  The obverse features the lion.  The lion is on the Coat of Arms of the Netherlands, and has often been featured on Dutch coins over several centuries.


The Lion Dollar

How Does the Word Dollar Associate with Dutch Coins?

The lion dollar is a commemorative coin not intended to circulate.  It is designed to be a restrike of earlier coinage of the Netherlands.  But, the Netherlands historically used the ducat as its currency.  True, in brief times of occupation by other countries, other currencies were used.  But, this does not get us to the dollar as a denomination.  Today, the currency of the Netherlands is the euro.


The answer is that for centuries the silver coin of trade in Europe was the thaler.  The Dutch word for thaler is dallder.  More specifically, this coin is a restrike of the leeuwendaalder, or lion daalder.


This coin of trade also made its way to the colonies, including areas of Dutch colonization in the New World.


The 2018 Silver Lion Dollar

The Recently Released Lion Dollar

The 2018 silver lion dollar coin has the coat of arms on a shield held by a knight on the obverse, as stated above.  The reverse shows the top half of the standing lion in waves, a symbol taken from the coat of arms of the Province of Zeeland, also spelled Zealand.  This refers to the southwestern province of the Netherlands that consists of islands and peninsulas, hence zeeland or sea land.


This is a one Troy ounce fine silver coin.  The mintage of the proof coin is five thousand.  At this time there is no evidence of the coin being issued with any strike other than proof, but there is a brilliant uncirculated version as well for the 2017 coin.  If the brilliant uncirculated coin follows and has the same mintage as the 2017 lion dollar the mintage will be twenty-five thousand.


The 2017 Lion Coin

The First Restrike

The 2017 silver lion coin has many similarities to the 2018 silver lion coin.  However, there are differences.  The reverse of the 2017 coin features the full standing lion, and the motto is different.  The lion image on the reverse is from the coat of arms of the Netherlands, and is also the image on the coat of arms of the Province of Utrecht.


Are these coins the first two coins of a series of coins for each of the provinces of the Netherlands?


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