The Bullion Coins of the United Kingdom from the Royal Mint

The Bullion Coins of the United Kingdom from the Royal Mint

The Bullion Coins of the United Kingdom from the Royal Mint



The bullion coins of the United Kingdom come in many forms, a multitude of sizes, and three different metals.  The most familiar coins are the Britannia and the gold Sovereign, but these are but two of a rich variety of British coins.  And, the Royal Mint carries many coins from around the world.  There should be something of interest for just about every collector.


So, is there a benefit to buying coins over bars?  Well, coins are minted by governments that are willing to declare both the amount and purity of the precious metal.  Yes, bars are stamped, but who is doing the stamping?  As a general rule, it is unlikely a coin will require an assay when sold.  And, if the coins come from a source such as the Royal Mint one can feel confident the coins are authentic.


The obverse of every coin minted for the United Kingdom is the effigy of the monarch, currently Queen Elizabeth II.


The Bullion Coins of the United Kingdom

The Gold Sovereign


The gold sovereign is a long standing gold coin, and has been well respected for years.  This coin is minted in 22-karat gold.  It comes in two sizes, the sovereign weighs 7.988 grams, and the half sovereign weighs 3.99 grams.  The fineness of 22-karat gold is 0.9167, so the actual gold weight is the weight of the coin multiplied by 0.9167.


The normal reverse of the gold sovereign is Saint George slaying the dragon, but this is set aside for some special occasions.  Both 2017 and 2018 depict Saint George.

Gold Sovereign
Royal Mint Bullion image link: Gold Sovereign


The Bullion Coins of the United Kingdom

The Britannia


The Britannia is a Royal Mint’s gold coin with a fineness of 0.9999, or 24-karat gold.  It comes in one-tenth, one-fourth, one-half, and one ounce weights with the respective denominations of ten, twenty-five, fifty, and one hundred pounds.  This is the high purity demanded in the current bullion market.  And the smaller sizes make it affordable to many.


There is also a fine silver Britannia, with a purity of 0.999.  This is a one-ounce coin.  It has the denomination of two pounds.


Regardless of the metal, all Britannia coins feature the image of Britannia, a figure that represents the British back to the Roman times.  The coins themselves, as a series, date back to 1987.

 Britannia Silver Coin
Royal Mint Bullion Image Link: Britannia


The Bullion Coins of the United Kingdom

Lunar Coins


The coins of 2018 mark the sixth year the Royal Mint is issuing Lunar coins.  The coins depict annual symbols from the twelve symbols of the Chinese calendar, and the 2018 coin is for the year of the dog.  Prior issues were in the Year of the Snake, the Year of the Horse, the Year of the Sheep, the Year of the Rooster, and the Year of the Monkey.


The gold Lunar coins come in only one size, the one-ounce coins.  They are minted with a purity of 0.9999 fine gold, or 24-karat gold, and have a denomination of one hundred pounds.


The silver Lunar coins come only on one size which is also one-ounce.  The silver coins have a denomination of two pounds.


Year of the Dog Coin
Royal Mint Bullion Image Link: Year of the Dog


The Bullion Coins of the United Kingdom

Landmarks of Britain


This is an interesting series of British coins depicting famous landmarks of Britain.  These are one-ounce fine silver coins.  The 2017 issue shows Big Ben, and the 2018 issue has the image of the Tower Bridge.  This is a relatively new series, and is well worth considering.  This series is only minted in 0.999 fine silver, and there is only the one-ounce size.  Each coin bears a denomination of two pounds.

Landmarks of Britain Coin
Royal Mint Bullion Image Link: Landmarks of Britain Coin



The Bullion Coins of the United Kingdom

The Queen’s Beasts


The bullion Queen’s Beasts coins were first dated with the year of 2016.  They are being released at a rate of two per year.  The first issue was that of The Lion of England, the 2017 issues were the Red Dragon of Wales and the Unicorn of Scotland, and the first 2018 issue is the Griffin of Edward III.  These are from the ten symbols represented by the shield holding beasts symbolizing the ancestry of the royal family.


There are two sizes of gold bullion coins in this series, the one-fourth and the one-ounce coins.  These are 0.9999 pure gold, or 24-karat gold.  The denominations are twenty-five pounds for the quarter ounce coin, and one hundred pounds for the one-ounce coin.


The silver bullion coins for the Queen’s Beasts series come in the two-ounce and ten-ounce weights.  The silver coins are minted in 0.9999 fine silver.  The denomination of the two-ounce coin is five pounds, and the ten-ounce coin has a ten-pound denomination.


The only platinum bullion coins are the issues from the Queen’s Beasts series.  The platinum bullion coins produced by the Royal Mint have a purity of 0.9995, and each weighs one ounce.  It has a denomination of one hundred pounds.


 Queen's Beasts Coin
royal Mint Bullion Image Link: Queen’s Beasts


The Bullion Coins of the United Kingdom



The Royal Mint is adding excitement to collecting bullion coins, the inexpensive precious metals coins.  Bullion grade coins have a possibility of appreciating in value should the value of the metals go up.


The real excitement is the introduction of the Landmarks of Britain coins and the Queen’s Beasts coins.  And the introduction of a platinum coin is a real plus.


Royal Mint Bullion


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