The Baptism of Christ Coin of Malta – Baroque Age

The Baptism of Christ Coin of Malta – Baroque Age

The Baptism of Christ Coin Depicts Giuseppe Mazzuoli’s Work

The Baptism of Christ coin is Malta’s 2018 European Silver Programme, or Europa, issue.  The program has a different topic each year.  This year is the fifteenth year of the program, and the third of five years featuring the five Ages.  This year is dedicated to the Age of Baroque and Rococo.


Malta has participated in the program every year starting with 2006, with a break for the year 2015.


The Baptism of Christ coin shows an image of Giuseppe Mazzuoli’s white marble statue.


The artist, Mazzuoli, was born in Valletta, Malta.  The Baptism of Christ statue adorns the main alter of Saint John’s co-cathedral.  Saint John’s co-cathedral happens to be in the hometown of the artist.  The work was completed in Rome, where Mazzuoli did much of his work.


2018 Baptism of Christ Coin

Malta Coins

The 2018 Baptism of Christ coin conforms to the requirements allowing it to be part of the European Silver Programme.  The coin must be about crown size.  The silver coin has a diameter of 39.61 millimeters.  The coin must have a purity of at least 0.900 silver.  This coin has a weight of 28.28 grams of 0.925 silver, which is Sterling silver.  The purity is well above the required purity for the program.  The other requirement is the coin be minted with a proof finish.  This coin is minted as a proof coin.  The required symbol of the program, a star combined with the Euro symbol, is on the obverse of the coin.


The Coat of Arms of the Republic of Malta is located on the obverse of the coin.


The engraver for the coin is Noel Galea Bason.  The coin is minted by the Royal Dutch Mint, and sold by the Central Bank of Malta.  The denomination of the silver coin is ten Euros.  Mintage is limited to 2,500.


A link to the image can be found here.  The coin is just being released in March, 2018, so the Ebay listings are expected to fill soon.


The Baptism of Christ Coin

Gold Coin

Malta issues two coins, one in the European Silver Programme, and a companion coin in the gold program.  The gold coin is designed like the silver coin, including the Eurostar symbol.


The gold coin is also minted by the Royal Dutch Mint.  It has the same engraver as the silver coin, Noel Galea Bason.


The gold coin has a diameter of twenty-one millimeters.  It is just 6.50 grams in weight of gold with a purity of 0.916, or about 22-karat gold.  This coin is being produced with a proof finish.


The denomination of the gold coin is fifty Euros.  The mintage is limited to just five hundred pieces.


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