Swiss Silver Coin Celebrates Steamboat La Suisse

Swiss Silver Coin Celebrates Steamboat La Suisse

Swiss Silver Coin Released April 26. 2018

A Swiss silver coin has just been released.  This coin celebrates the steamboat La Suisse.  The steamboat La Suisse was intended to be one of the largest paddle wheelers in Switzerland.  It was commissioned in 1908.  The Swiss Mint is now commemorating this historic steamboat with a silver coin.


This coin is just one of many Swiss commemorative coins being minted.  However, the subject matter of this particular coin is interesting as that of a nautical historic boat.


Swiss Silver Coins Are in Franc

The Swiss Franc is the Swiss Currency

Unlike much of Europe, Switzerland did not convert to the Euro.  Switzerland still uses the Swiss franc.  It is unlikely Switzerland has any intention of altering its financial system.  The Swiss franc has a reputation, and a history.

Swiss Silver Coin Steamboat La Suisse

A Commemorative Swiss Silver Coin

On April 26, 2018, Switzerland released the Steamboat La Suisse silver coin to commemorate a paddle wheeler that was commissioned one hundred ten years ago.


The specifications of the coin give the weight as twenty grams.  The metal used is 0.835 silver.  The face value of the coin is twenty Swiss francs.  The coin is minted by the Swiss Mint.


The Swiss Mint has a statement that the coin is authorized through April 25, 2021, or while supplies last.  The obverse of the coin has the words Confoederatio Helvetica and the denomination 20 Fr, along with the date.  The letter B appears between 20 and Fr.


Swiss Silver Coin Steamboat Uri

Swiss Commemorative Silver Coin of 2017

In 2017 the Swiss Mint released a similar commemorative silver coin.  It was to commemorate the steamboat Uri.  Perhaps this is the first two coins of a series of historic steamboat coins from Switzerland.


The specifications of the Steamboat Uri coins are like those of Steamboat La Suisse.  The coin has a purity of 0.835 silver.  This is the same as for the Steamboat La Suisse coin.   And, like the 2018 coin, the 2017 coin weighs twenty grams.


The obverse of the 2017 coin is similar, except for the date, to the 2018 coin.


The Steamboat Uri silver coin had a mintage of thirty thousand uncirculated pieces, and five thousand proof pieces.


The 2017 coin, Steamboat Uri, prices much higher for the proof coin than for the uncirculated, based on current availability on Ebay.   However, the listings are few.


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