Star Trek Silver Coins

Star Trek Silver Coins

Five New Star Trek Silver Coins Coming Out

Star Trek silver coins will be available in 2018 with five new coin designs to choose from.  There are two sets of star Trek silver coins coming out.  The Royal Canadian Mint is offering a three-coin subscription of Star Trek starships.  And, the Perth Mint has a two-coin set of Star Trek silver coins that include a special packaging designed to look like a transporter, and the transporter actually lights up when open.  These coins span a multitude of different Star Trek series.


These are beautiful coins, and should be highly collectible.  And, all will be in limited mintage, adding to their desirability.


Star Trek Silver Coins of Starships

A Three-Coin Subscription

The Royal Canadian Mint is offering a three-coin subscription of coins scheduled for release starting in February with the first coin.  The series is called Iconic Starships.  The second coin is scheduled to follow in March and the third and final coin is scheduled for release in April.  This subscription will not require a long wait to complete the set.  An option is to buy each coin as it comes out.  The first coin is already available.


The first coin is that of the U. S. S. Enterprise NCC 1701D from Star Trek the Next Generation.  This is the second Star Trek series, and perhaps the second most popular.


The second starship is Voyageur from the Star Trek series also called Voyageur.


The third starship is the Enterprise NX-01 from the series Star Trek: Enterprise.


The obverse of each coin shows the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.


There are proof coins minted in one-half Troy ounce of 0.9999 fine silver.  They each come in their own box, and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.  The denomination of each coin is $10 CAD.  Mintage of each coin is set at 10,000.


The color used to show the cosmos in which each starship is located is vivid, and no two coins are close to each other in color.

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Star Trek Silver Coins for Discovery

A Perth Mint Coin Set

The Perth Mint of Australia has been making two-coin silver sets of Star Trek coins representing different Star Trek series.  These Star Trek silver coins of tend to sell out.  The unique packaging may help, but it is likely the coins themselves are that popular.  I have seen quite a few in grading service slabs, so the packaging is not the only attribute of the series making it so popular.


In 2018 we have the starship Discovery coin, and the second coin features the Discovery’s First Officer Michael Burnham.  The First Officer’s coin includes the Delta Shield so well known in Star Trek.  The Discovery coin includes the United Federation of Planets logo.  The obverse of each coin shows the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.


The coins are minted by the Perth Mint, an old and well respected mint of Australia.  They are one Troy ounce of 0.9999 fine silver each.  Each coin is limited to a maximum mintage of 5,000 coins.  And the transporter packaging that lights up is also worth mentioning again.


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