Silver Niobium Coins

Silver Niobium Coins

Silver Niobium Coins at the Royal Canadian Mint Are Desirable

There are currently available silver and niobium coins at the Royal Canadian Mint.  One great advantage of looking at the coins offered by the Royal Canadian Mint is that the mint offers a plethora of coins from other major mints around the world.  Now, the Austrian Mint, Munze Osterreich, is among the mints represented with its very popular silver and niobium 2017 Microcosm coin.  This coin is particularly attractive, and is worth consideration.  It sold out at the Austrian Mint.

Even more spectacular is the Royal Canadian Mint’s own three-dimensional silver and niobium coin, Nature’s Adornment:  Dragonfly.  And, still available is the 2014 coin from the Flowers in Canada series, Poinsettia.


Silver Niobium Coins at the Royal Canadian Mint

Silver Niobium From Austria


An Austrian Mint Coin, Microcosm features a butterfly.  The outer ring is made of 0.9 purity silver, and the inner disk is niobium.  The niobium appears colorized due to a thin oxide layer that is transparent.  Light reflects from the niobium below, and refracts at the surface of the oxide.  the wavelength of a selective color becomes visible with a mechanism much like that of a rainbow.  Refraction, the bending of light, changes the angle of each color of light differently in the oxide layer, which changes the color as the viewing angle is altered.  While the series goes back many years, this is only the third year in which two colors have been achieved.


The Microcosm coin features a butterfly on one side, and a bee and hive on the other.  Viewed straight on the coin appears to be green with a rose colored raised highlights enhancing the image.  The two-colors enhance both sides of this coin.


The Microcosm coin is dated 2017.  It is a twenty-five Euro denomination coin.  Mintage is limited to sixty-five thousand.  This coin comes with a serialized certificate of authenticity.


Silver and Niobium Coins Microcosm
Niobium Coin Microcosm

Silver Coin – Microcosm (2017)

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Price: C$139.95
Sale: C$139.95



Silver Niobium Coins at the Royal Canadian Mint, Dragonfly

A Three-Dimensional Silver Niobium Coin


The three dimensional Nature’s Adornment – Dragonfly coin is a product of the Royal Canadian Mint.  This is a one-ounce fine silver coin with a colorized dragonfly hovering above the silver disk.  On the obverse of this coin is the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.


The color is achieved with a thin layer of transparent oxide, achieved by applying a voltage to the niobium.  The mechanism for a transparent layer producing color has been given above.


This is a 0.9999 fine silver coin.  Mintage is limited to six thousand pieces.  Its face value s twenty Canadian dollars.  The coin is accompanied by a serialized certificate of authenticity.


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Silver Niobium Coins at the Royal Canadian Mint, Poinsettia


Flowers in Silver Niobium Canada Series


The Flowers in Canada Series coin, Poinsettia, is a nine-gram coin, with a fine silver ring around a selectively colorized niobium core.  This is the third silver and niobium coin in the series.  This coin comes with a proof finish.  The coin is dated 2014, and has a limited mintage of six thousand.  The face value of this coin is five dollars.  It is accompanied by a serialized certificate of authenticity.


Silver and Niobium Coins, Poinsettia
Niobium Coin, Poinsettia

Fine Silver Coin with Niobium Colouring – …

Third coin in the popular Flowers of Canada niobium series! Order yours today! [More]

Price: C$139.95
Sale: C$139.95



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