30th Anniversary 2018 Silver Maple Leaf

30th Anniversary 2018 Silver Maple Leaf

Special Versions of the Silver Maple Leaf Coin

The first silver maple leaf coin has the date 1988.  Gold bullion maple leaf coins date to an earlier date.  Now, in 2018, we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the silver coin.  The Royal Canadian Mint has several special versions of the maple leaf.


The silver maple leaf coin has a history of being collectible.  It is a silver bullion coin, but often finds numismatists willing to add it to a coin collection.  This is actually becoming commonplace that an affordable bullion coin becomes a numismatic coin.


The Silver Maple Leaf


The 2018 silver maple leaf coin contains one Troy ounce of 0.9999 fine silver.  The denomination on the coin is five dollars, although the silver value exceeds the denomination.  This coin has the maple leaf, perhaps the most recognizable symbol of Canada, on its reverse, or tails side.  The obverse shows, as is normal for Canadian coins, the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.


A typical maple leaf coin, part of the long standing series, is available for 2018.


The Proof Silver Maple Leaf Set

Two Proof Coins

Coin collectors often demand the high quality of a proof coin.  Actually, there is a set contains two proof coins, one a typical proof coin and the other a reverse proof coin.  This is a special set being offered for the 30th anniversary.  It should be popular with collectors.


The proof coins have repeating images of a small maple leaf and the number 30 alternating.  These are in rows, and fill the fields on both sides of the coins.  Both proof coins are 30th anniversary special issues, and use this special design.


2018 Proof Silver Maple Leaf Set: 30th Anniversary
2018 Proof Silver Maple Leaf Set: 30th Anniversary

1 oz. Pure Silver 2-Coin Set – 30th Annive…

Two different finishes! One modified proof and one reverse proof! Order today! [More]

Price: C$189.95
Sale: C$189.95


The Incuse Silver Maple Leaf Coin

A Limited Edition Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint will also release an incuse silver maple leaf.  This coin is technically a bullion coin, but will have a limited mintage of 250,000.  It is similar to the bullion coin, but uses the incuse design.  This coin becomes available in February.


What Is an Incuse Coin?

Why Are They Not Popular?

An incuse coin has the image recessed into the field.  A normal coin has the image above the field.


Incuse coins require care when handling.  In the past the United States tried an incuse design for the Indian Head gold pieces.  The problem with a recessed image is the design often has fine ridges, which are easily worn down.  Incuse coins are not designed to take heave wear, so they do not make good circulation coins.

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