Silver Maple Leaf Bicentennial Set

Silver Maple Leaf Bicentennial Set

The Anniversary of Queen Victoria Silver Maple Leaf Set

The silver maple leaf bicentennial set commemorates the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria.  The coins in this set are unique in that they contain the double date of 1819 and 2019.  Even more unique is the fact that each of the coins has two effigies on its obverse, that of Queen Elizabeth II and that of Queen Victoria.  Queen Victoria faces left, and is on the left side of the coin.  Queen Elizabeth II faces right, and is on the right side of the coin.  Each is shown with the queen’s royal cypher.  The royal cypher of Queen Victoria is located at the top of the coins, and the royal cypher of Queen Elizabeth II is located on the bottom of the coins.


The Silver Maple Leaf Bicentennial Set Coins

A Five-Coin Set

There are five coins in the silver maple leaf bicentennial set.  These coins are minted in 0.9999 fine silver, the high purity used by the Royal Canadian Mint.  The effigy of Queen Victoria is that of Leonard Charles Wyan, and the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II is by Susanna Blunt.  Susanna Blunt is credited as the artist of the obverse.  Julius Csotonyi is the artist of the reverse.


There are five coins in the set.  The largest has one Troy ounce of fine silver, and has a denomination of five dollars.  The half-ounce coin has a denomination of four dollars.  The quarter-ounce coin has a denomination of three dollars.  The tenth ounce coin has a denomination of two dollars.  The smallest coin is the twentieth-ounce coin, and has a denomination of one dollar.  The denominations are in Canadian dollars.


The coins are minted with reverse proof finishes.  This adds to their beauty, and is a feature well worth having.  It is a testimony to the high quality of the Royal Canadian Mint.


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The Reverse Design of the Anniversary Coins

Silver Maple Leaf Common Reverse

The reverse of each of the coins in this set shows a maple leaf, and a partial maple leaf, floating on water.  The fine ripples are intended to give the illusion of flowing water.


The one-ounce coin has a blue field on its reverse, to further the idea of flowing water.  The blue is from a selective application of blue rhodium.



Why Honor Queen Victoria?

What Is the Connection to Canada?

The date 1819 well predates the formation of the Confederation that became Canada.  But, during her long reign, she was queen at the time of the origin of the Confederation.  Hence, she was the first monarch to rule over Canada.


Canadian Coins

Learn more about Canadian coins by obtaining and using a good book on Canadian coins.  Current issues will not be there yet, but if you are interested in this set your interest probably includes other Canadian coins.




This is a beautiful coin that combines a symbol of Canada with the history of the monarchy of Britain.

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