Colorized Silver Coins from the Royal Mint

Colorized Silver Coins from the Royal Mint

Colorized Silver Coins:  A Portrait of Britain Series

The Royal Mint has produced colorized silver coins.  In fact, there are three sets of four coins each that collectively provide a portrait of Britain.  The cons are said to be from 2015, 2016, and 2017 on the Royal Mint’s website, but they are dated 2014, 2016, and 2017.  Since the date for 2015is given twice on the Royal Mint’s website, it is probably not an error.  What most likely happened is the delays in getting the 2014 coins out caused a 2015 release.


Normally, the Royal Mint does not colorize coins, and it is apparent from reading the website that some difficulties in getting the colors just right made this an arduous task.


What is clear is that these twelve coins give a great insight into the essence of Britain.


These coins are also called Treasures for Life.



The Colorized Silver Coins

The Details

The colorization is subtle, and enhances each coin without overpowering the image on the coin.  The coins themselves each have a denomination of five pounds.  Each coin is 28.28 grams of 0.925 purity Sterling silver.  Each coin has a proof finish.


The obverse of each coin contains the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.


The 2017 Colorized Silver Coins

A Story in Every Stone

The 2017 colorized silver coins show prominent residences significant in the history of Britain.  The set is titled A Story in Every Stone.


One of the colorized silver coins shows the door on the famed Downing Street, the street of the Prime Minister’s residence.  Another of the coins shows Edinburgh Castle.  A third coin shows Hampton Castle.  The forth coin shows Westminster Abbey.

2017 Colorized Silver Coins
2017 Colorized Silver Coins – Royal Mint Image


The 2016 Colorized Silver Coins

Forged by Nature, Shaped by Myth

The 2016 coins are called Forged by Nature, Shaped by Myth.  The four coins in the 2016 colorized silver coin set include some well-known locations in Britain.  One coin depicts the white Cliffs of Dover.  Another coin shows the Giant’s Causeway.  A third coin shows the Lake District,  The other coin depicts Snowdonia.


The 2014 Colorized Silver Coins

Distinctive and Outstanding

This set, called Distinctive and Outstanding, is slightly different.  Instead of the title of the coin being given on the obverse, the denomination is spelled out as five pounds.


The four coins in this set also are more narrowly focused, in that they all depict an easily recognized part of London.  They do not attempt to span more of Britain.


One of these coins features Big Ben.  A second of these coins shows the Tower Bridge.  A third coin depicts Trafalgar Square.  And the fourth coin of the first set features Buckingham Palace.


The first two coins mentioned here are of the same subject matter as the first two silver bullion coins in the Landmarks of Britain series, Tower Bridge and Big Ben.


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