New Australian Silver Bullion and Gold Bullion

New Australian Silver Bullion and Gold Bullion

Silver Bullion and Gold Bullion from the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint has always produced several silver bullion coins and gold bullion coins, accompanied by at least one platinum bullion coin.  Now, a new coin in the shape of a bar is being introduced.  The new coin is the dragon bar, or ingot.  It will be available in both silver and gold.

But, the Perth Mint already has a wonderful variety of silver bullion and gold bullion coins available.  And, there is also platinum bullion coins available.  Yet, these new coins fill a need of collectors.


The Silver Bar and Gold Bar Dragons

The Bullion Bars from Perth


The one-ounce silver bullion dragon bar has the denomination of one Australian dollar.  The one-ounce gold bullion dragon bar has a denomination of one hundred Australian dollars.  These are minted in fine silver, or in 24-karat gold.


The need the new bullion coins fills is their shape s rectangular.  Yes, the Perth Mint already mints gold and platinum bars in various sizes.  But coin collectors, also called numismatists, prefer coins to bullion bars.  The fact that, although the denomination is nominal considering the value of the precious metal, the having a legal tender status makes the object technically a coin, hence a numismatic piece.  Some collectors insist on the piece being a real coin if it is to become part of their collections.


But, other people at a coin show often ask for bars.  They really want silver bullion, or gold bullion.  They feel, sometimes correctly, that a silver bar or round,  or a gold bar or round, is slightly lower in price than a coin.  The fact that bars occupy less space in a bank box, or in a safe, makes the bar shape more desirable.


Astute bullion buyers might consider the fact that their bullion, if it is of numismatic value as well as the worth of the metal content, could escalate in value in the numismatic market.  Paying a slight premium could lead to benefits in realizing a higher value in the future.  And, considering the small difference in cost of coins and rounds, or in coins and bars, the little extra gives a second chance of their investment gaining value in the future.

The Perth Mint Australia

The Silver Bullion and the Gold Bullion Coins

The Perth Mint’s Other Issues

One advantage one has with other silver bullion and gold bullion coins from the Perth Mint is the variety of sizes they come in.  And, the kookaburra silver coins are an ongoing series since 1990, with a different image used annually.  Collectors love the kookaburra, and it can rise in numismatic value quite quickly.  Another series is the lunar series, which is so popular the Perth Mint is already in the second lunar series.  The one-ounce silver coins of the second series, referred to as the lunar type II series, not only have distinct images from corresponding type I coins, but are a different size. The type II one-ounce coins have larger diameters, and are thinner, so they are still one-ounce silver coins even with a larger appearance.  Then the koala has a different appearance annually.  And, the new kangaroo coins are quite attractive.


The Perth Mint has limited mintage of some one-ounce silver bullion coins, which adds to their possibility of rising in value.  And, the Perth Mint has used privy marks, which tend to make the coins containing the mark rarer, hence more desirable.


A privy mark is a small image added on the coin to honor something.  I have seen multiple privy marks on some two-ounce coins.  This is a technique also used by the Royal Canadian Mint.


The newest bullion coin series of the Perth Mint was, before the dragon silver bars, the kangaroo.


Many different size bullion coins new produced, including larger coins and fractional, or less than one ounce, coins.


The link below is the Perth Mint’s 2018 bullion program.  Notice these bars, and the platinum penuine, are missing.

Perth Mint Bullion Video

The Black Panther Bullion Coin

Tuvalu Bullion

The Perth Mint also mints coins for Tuvalu.  Currently, Tuvalu is issuing a six-coin series of Marvel characters.  The Black Panther is the third one-ounce fine silver coin in the series, following Spiderman and Thor silver bullion coins.


Because the Tuvalu coins are minted for an island nation, not for Australia, these are not shown in the Perth Mint bullion video.


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