RAF Centenary 5-Coin Series

RAF Centenary 5-Coin Series

RAF Centenary 5-Coin Series from the Royal Mint

The RAF Centenary 5-Coin Series is coming out.  The first two coins are available at the time of this article being written.  The remaining three coins are all scheduled for release in 2018.  It is even possible to reserve future releases for the Sterling silver proof coins.


These impressive coins come in a wide variety of metals.  Some are less expensive than most coins bought from a mint.  Coins from base metal to gold are available.  And, there is also a stamp cover.


The RAF Centenary 5-Coin Series Coins

Royal Mint Coins

The RAF Centenary 5-Coin Series includes the RAF Centenary Badge, the RAF Centenary Spitfire, the RAF Centenary Vulcan, the RAF Centenary Sea King, and the RAF Centenary Lightning.  The badge and Spitfire coins are already out.  The Vulcan coin is due out in May.  The Sea King helicopter coin is due out in August.  The Lightning will conclude the series in September.


The Sterling silver set, because the entire set can be reserved, is available to be viewed.


The Centenary Badge coin’s reverse was designed by Rhys Morgan.  The reverse of each of the other four coins were designed by Richard and Nell Talbot.  The obverse of all coins is the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Jody Clark.


The edge of each coin is engraved with “Per Ardus ad Astra.”


RAF Centenary 5-Coin Set
RAF Centenary 5-Coin Set Royal Mint Image



The Silver Proof Coins of the RAF Centenary 5-Coin Series

With Gold Rim

The silver proof coins will be popular collectibles if the desirable designs attract the expected attention.  Aircraft are popular among collectors.  This is an excellent theme for a coin set, and the small Sterling silver coins enhanced with gold are attractive.


The Sterling silver coins weigh twelve grams of 0.925 Sterling silver.  The outer ring is plated with fine gold.


Sterling Silver Spitfire
Sterling Silver Spitfire Royal Mint Image



The Silver Proof Piedfort Coins

With Gold Rim

The silver proof coins also come as piedfort coins.  A piedfort coin is a coin that has double the thickness, hence these coins weigh twenty-four grams each.  Otherwise, they are like the silver proof coins.


The Gold Proof Coins

Two Colors of Gold

The RAF Centenary 5-coin series also comes in twenty-two karat gold.  Twenty-two karat gold is 0.9167 pure.  The gold coins weigh 15.97 grams.  The inner circle is yellow gold, and the outer ring is red gold.


RAF Centenary 5-Coin Gold
RAF Centenary 5-Coin Gold Image by the Royal Mint





The Brilliant Uncirculated Coins

On Mint Cards

The Brilliant Uncirculated RAF Centenary 5-Coin series are cupro-nickel coins with nickel-brass outer rings.  The coins are the least expensive of the different varieties.  These coins come mounted on mint cards.


Brilliant Uncirculated RAF Centennial 5-Coin
Brilliant Uncirculated RAF Centenary 5-Coin Image by the Royal Mint



RAF Centenary 5-Coin Series with  Stamps

Stamps and Cover

It appears the four coins that feature aircraft will be the only coins to accompany a set of four stamps and a cover.  The Badge does not have an accompanying stamp set.  However, there are multiple coins for each aircraft that are being paired with the stamps.  The silver proof coin, the gold proof coin, and the brilliant uncirculated coin each is being paired with the four stamps for the aircraft.  At least that is what is the case with the Spitfire.  It would seem the others will follow the same pattern of release.


Coin and Stamp Cover
Coin and Stamp Cover Image by the Royal Mint



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