Protecting Bullion Coins

Protecting Bullion Coins

Protecting Bullion Coins That Come with No Protection

2014 1/10 ounce Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin
2014 1/10 ounce Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin

Bullion coins are becoming more popular, and protecting bullion coins is becoming an important issue.  There is a competition in selling bullion coins among many world mints.  Mints produce coins to sell, and the price must be kept down.  Otherwise buyers will concentrate on bullion from a different mint.   Some series are established, and collectors will buy even at a slight premium.  But, in general, the cost of a coin capsule is something a mint is not inclined to have.


Oh, there are exceptions.  The Perth Mint of Australia places its bullion silver, such as the kookaburra, in protective capsules.  This is a small thing, and considering the mint buys coin capsules in bulk should be minor.  Yet those few cents added to the price can make the difference in which bullion coin someone buys.  The Perth Mint can afford to add these capsules because their Australian market can save on international shipping when buying Australian coins, which can offset the small added cost of Australian bullion.  Also, their bullion is well known and sought after in other markets.  Their bullion series are among the well established series.


Popular Bullion Coins

Protecting Bullion Coins That Come Without Capsules

In the United States, the silver American Eagle is a very popular coin.  The bullion version is highly sought after.  Yet, the United States Mint does not place these coins in capsules.  To make matters worse, the size of the silver eagle is rather unique.  The coin is simply too large for the 2X2 holders, and the two and a half square holders do not fit into the boxes sized for the two inch square holders.  And the five-ounce America the Beautiful quarters also have a different unique size among five-ounce coins.  These too are not shipped in a protective capsule.


Other popular coins are the Canadian silver bullion coins.  The silver Maple Leaf, the Birds of Prey bullion, and even the smaller three-fourths ounce silver coins do not come in a protective capsule.


The British are minting a multitude of silver bullion coins, but the ones I have seen are not placed in capsules by the Royal Mint.  This includes the popular Britania and the new Queen’s Beasts series.


Another popular silver bullion coin is the Mexican libertad.  Still another is the Austrian philharmonic.  Neither of these are protected with a capsule by the mint.


Gold bullion is not any better.  Nor is platinum.  It seems more bullion coins are not in [laced in a protective capsule by a mint than than are.


Protecting Bullion Coins Is Easy

Adding a Capsule

The fact is that these coins can go up in value.  Protecting them from damage is important.  Coin capsules offer a physical protection, and keep the coins from air flow.  Air can bring contaminates into contact with the coins.  Adding a capsule is the responsibility of the collector.  Just be certain to use the tight capsule.


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