Roosevelt Dimes Number Three (2005 – 2022 – Present) Whitman Coin Folder

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Roosevelt Dimes Number Three (2005 – 2022 – Present) Whitman Coin Folder

Roosevelt Dimes Number Three (2005 – 2022 – Present) Whitman Coin Folder

Folder Number 1939

ISBN-13: 978-079481939-2

ISBN 10: 079481939-7

UPC: 9780794819392


Whitman Coin Folders


Whitman coin folders provide an excellent way to organize a collection of circulation coins. A folder gives an immediate view of which coins are still needed.


Folders exist for the all denominations, and in the case of dollar coins, for all of the various series including Native American Dollars, Presential Dollars, and Innovation Dollars. Older coins such as Indian Head cents either have a special folder or are grouped with a short series of same denomination coins such as Flying Eagle cents.


We offer a wide variety of coin folders, and we have special pricing for sets. The four Lincoln cent folders are sold as a group, and we also group parts of this rather large set.


Some people need the general folders for a denomination of coin. These are especially important to roll hunters who obtain rolls of coins and search for errors. Collecting error coins is a chance to find something of value, often the value of such coins is to be determined after some time. This is because it is usually unknown how many of an error will eventually turn up. So, having a blank folder for a denomination is a good tool for error coin collectors.


Coin folders are available for United States coins, Canadian coins, and British coins.

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