Guard House 39mm Silver Round Coin Capsule 10 Pack

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Guard House 39mm Silver Round Coin Capsule

Guard House 39mm Silver Round Coin Capsule

Capsule Fits

  • Silver Rounds 39mm
  • Copper Rounds 39mm
  • Standard 39mm casino chips

Coin Capsules

Coin capsules protect coins from physical damage. A second
type of protection we often do not think about is
environmental damage. Air can hold damaging pollutants. It is
important to fully protect your coins.

Choose the proper size for the coin. You want a fit that
prevents too much movement, even though the inside of the
capsule is smooth. And while some air will be inside the
capsule, it is now constantly flowing with new contaminates.

Some coin capsules are direct fit, other coin capsules come with
washers. So, what is the difference? A direct fit coin capsule
allows the coin to be viewed even on the edge, a washer blocks
the view of the edge. A washer can prevent even the minute
sliding allowed by a direct fit coin capsule. There must be a
slight space to drop the coin into a direct fit coin capsule. A
washer has some give, so a coin can be pressed, using cotton
gloves, into a washer making a very snug fit.

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