Air-Tite 5oz Bar Capsule

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Air-Tite 5oz Bar Capsule

Air-Tite 5oz Bar Capsule Fits

Most 5oz Bars – 1.431″ X 2.418″ (36.32mm X 61.43mm)

Holder Measurements:

  • Inside: 1.431″ X 2.418″ (36.32mm X 61.43mm)
  • Outside: 1.661″ X 2.644″ (42.13mm X 67.10mm)
  • Inside Depth: 0.3115″ (7.9mm)
  • Outside Thickness: 0.422″ (10.72mm)

Coin Capsules and Snaps

Coin capsules protect coins from physical damage. A second
type of protection we often do not think about is
environmental damage. Air can hold damaging pollutants. It is
important to fully protect your coins.

Choose the proper size for the coin. You want a fit that
prevents too much movement, even though the inside of the
capsule is smooth. And while some air will be inside the
capsule, it is now constantly flowing with new contaminates.

Some coin capsules are direct fit, other coin capsules come with
washers. So, what is the difference? A direct fit coin capsule
allows the coin to be viewed even on the edge, a washer blocks
the view of the edge. A washer can prevent even the minute
sliding allowed by a direct fit coin capsule. There must be a
slight space to drop the coin into a direct fit coin capsule. A
washer has some give, so a coin can be pressed, using cotton
gloves, into a washer making a very snug fit.

Coin snaps are square holders that snap closed, with a piece of
cardboard having a properly sized hole in the center. There is a
snap lock, so these are less likely to just open. The square
design is easy to store in a box, and the cardboard allows you to
write messages and descriptions.

Snaps are often more pricy than coin capsules, which must be
weighed when making a decision, and do not come in larger

Air-Tite and Guardhouse are the brands we carry.

Air-Tite has solved several problems with unique designs.

The Perth Mint made its Dragon Bars and Swan Bars narrower
and thicker than the normal one-ounce bars. The solution is to
use the five-ounce bar holder, which accommodates a thicker
bar, and include a rectangular washer to hold the bar in place.

The United States Mint used a slightly larger diameter planchet
for its five-ounce America the Beautiful quarters starting in
2020. While the diameter is still less than the inner diameter of
the Z-5 capsules, the coins are thinner which allows them to
rattle. This is undesirable. The solution is to use the Z-10

capsule with a plastic insert that supports a coin at its rim just
high enough to keep it from rattling, but too high for pre-2020
coins. The insert can be discarded to make the Z-10 hold a ten-
ounce silver coin.

Air-Tite also addressed the problem with a plethora of sizes for
two-ounce coins. It is impractical to support each coin, since
the mints are always coming up with something new. The X6d
is an X capsule that is six millimeters thick. The Royal Mint’s
Queen’s Beasts two-ounce coins are thirty-eight millimeters in
diameter, but the Perth Mint’s Next Generation coins are over
forty millimeters in diameter. The solution is to use the X6d
capsule with a washer, the 38 millimeter for the Queen’s Beasts
coins and the 40 millimeter for the Next Generation coins.

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