A-16 Air-Tite Coin Capsules


A-16 Air-Tite Coin Capsules

Multiples of 10

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A-16 Air-Tite Coin Capsules

Sold in Multiples of 10


A-16 Air-Tite Coin Capsules fit:



Please see the chart for other coins.


These are shipped on retail cards.


These are direct fit genuine Air-Tite capsules.  These clear holders provide coin protection while allowing easy viewing.  The capsules protect coins from both physical and environmental damage, by providing a hard surface and blocking air flow to the coin.


This is a small investment to protect expensive coins.


This coin holder fits tubes and display products that are sized for Air-Tite Type A holders.  It should be noted that the number is the inner diameter in millimeters.  The outer diameter for all Air-Tite A holders is the same, but does not match the outer diameter of other brands.  So, it will not necessarily fit in a product sized for another brand.


We recommend AIr-Tite as having high quality products.


Please select the proper size.  A capsule smaller than the coin intended for it will not allow the coin placement.  A capsule too large for a coin will have an excessive amount of air trapped within it.  Air may have contaminants that can be harmful to a coin over time.  Also, too large of a cpasule for a coin allows the coin to slide when handled.


If you need an to use a washer, we recommend the capsules that come with washers.


Proper handling of a coin is to never hold the coin on the surface of its faces.  A coin capsule allows you to hold a coin without physically touching the coin, thus preventing transferring of any oils from the skin to the coin.


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