US ATB 5oz

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Air-Tite Capsule Z5 for ATB


  • America the Beautiful 5 oz coin
  • dose not fit 2020 Samoa Island ATB (America The Beautiful) this coin is this coin is a different size and needs Z10 for ATB

Note:  other 5 ounce silver coins may not fit.

 Holder Measurements

Inside Diameter: 3.024″ (76.81mm)
Outside Diameter: 3.264″ (82.9mm)
Inside Depth: 0.151″ (3.84mm)
Outside Thickness: 0.287″ (7.3mm)

Air-Tite Capsule Z5 for ATB

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Z-10 for 2020 America the Beautiful Quarters

The United States Mint used a slightly larger diameter planchet
for its five-ounce America the Beautiful quarters starting in
2020. While the diameter is still less than the inner diameter of
the Z-5 capsules, the coins are thinner which allows them to
rattle. This is undesirable. The solution is to use the Z-10

capsule with a plastic insert that supports a coin at its rim just
high enough to keep it from rattling, but too high for pre-2020
coins. The insert can be discarded to make the Z-10 hold a ten-
ounce silver coin.