Bahamas 25 Cents

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60 Pocket Coin Album  BUY MORE THAN ONE AND SAVE!

Whitman album, book, coin storage
Holds 2X2 paper and Mylar flips.  Ideal for coin storage.  Can be brought to a coin show for protection of your purchases.
About 5 inches wide, so it can fit in many bank boxes.
Sealed with Whitman’s name clearly shown.
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Air-Tite Capsule A-24 for US Quarter (1828 – Present)

Holder Measurements

Inside Diameter: 0.957″ (24.31mm)
Outside Diameter: 1.218″ (30.93mm)
Inside Depth: 0.062″ (1.57mm)
Outside Thickness: 0.192″ (4.9mm)