"Air-Tite" Capsules with Rings

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Air-Tite Easels

Air-Tite Easels

Air-Tite Brand Acrylic Easels

Display your coins, small bars, and so in.
Use to support small items.
Smaller coins also work well, in a capsule or not.
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Air-Tite Capsule X6D-38 for Queen’s Beast, Canadian 1.5 oz. and 2oz Silver

Fits 2 oz Creatures of the North Silver Coins (first issue is the Krakan), expect 2 coins to be issued per year by the Royal Canadian Mint.
Fits 2 oz Canadian Goose Silver Coins, another new series from the Royal Canadian Mint.
Fits 2 oz Royal Canadian Mounted Police Silver Coin.
Fits the 2 oz Pegasus British Virgin Islands Silver Coins
Also fits the Royal Mint 2 oz silver queen’s Beasts Coins.
And 1.5 and 2 oz silver coins measuring 38 mm in diameter.
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Air-Tite Capsule X6D-40 for Perth Mint 2oz Next Generation and 2oz Silver Rounds


  • Perth Mint 2oz Next Generation
  • 2 oz. silver round Perth Mint
  • 2 oz. silver round Cleopatra
  • 2 oz. silver round Elemental
  • 2 oz Silver round Privateer


Note:  other 2 ounce silver coins may not fit.

 Holder Measurements

Inside Diameter: 1.875″ (47.63mm)
Outside Diameter: 2.118″ (53.79mm)
Inside Depth: 0.286″ (7.2mm)
Outside Thickness: 0.405″ (10.2mm)

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Air-Tite Holder 1 oz Bar 47 x 27 for 1 oz. Dragon and Swan Bars

The Perth Mint made its Dragon Bars and Swan Bars narrower and thicker than the normal one-ounce bars. The solution is to use the five-ounce bar holder, which accommodates a thicker bar, and include a rectangular washer to hold the bar in place.

Comes with the Black Ring

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Z-10 for 2020 America the Beautiful Quarters

The United States Mint used a slightly larger diameter planchet
for its five-ounce America the Beautiful quarters starting in
2020. While the diameter is still less than the inner diameter of
the Z-5 capsules, the coins are thinner which allows them to
rattle. This is undesirable. The solution is to use the Z-10

capsule with a plastic insert that supports a coin at its rim just
high enough to keep it from rattling, but too high for pre-2020
coins. The insert can be discarded to make the Z-10 hold a ten-
ounce silver coin.