Portrait of Britain Coin Set for 2018

Portrait of Britain Coin Set for 2018

Portrait of Britain Coin Set Is Fourth in Series

The Portrait of Britain Coin Set for 2018 is the latest in an annual series.  The series strives to showcase Britain.  And, it does an excellent job of doing so.


The set is also listed under Treasures for Life by the Royal Mint.


The 2018 set is called The Great British Seaside.


Each year a different aspect of the essence of Britain is the subject of the annual releases of the series.  Each year four coins devoted to the annual theme focus on a single aspect of Britain.


The previous three sets were discussed in another article, Colorized Silver Coins from the Royal Mint in the United Kingdom part of this coin blog.


Each of the annual additions to this series is a four-coin set of colorized silver coins.


The Great British Seaside

Portraits of Britain Coin Set Released for 2018

The Great British Seaside coins spotlight four beaches of Britain.  They are Blackpool, Brighton, Southwold, and Tenby.


The specifications for each coin include proof quality Sterling silver with a purity of 0.925.  Mintage for each coin is set at 2018.  It appears these coins are only sold in the set, and a nice four-coin box is included.  The coins are selectively colorized.  Each coin is 28.28 grams.  Each coin has a denomination of five pounds, and is crown size.


The reverses for these coins were designed by Glyn Davies and Laura Clancy.


The obverse of each coin features the Jody Clark effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.


These coins are quality pieces minted by the well-respected Royal Mint.


Portrait of Britain Coin Seticon
Portrait of Britain Coin Set Royal Mint Image




North West Lancashire

One coin features Blackpool, which is located on the Irish Sea in North West Lancashire.  This coin features the iconic tower, which is partially colored in red.


Blackpool Royal Mint Image




East Sussex

The second coin features Brighton Palace Pier, with the pier being quite evident under the impressive structure.  The focus is on the enormous structure.  White is the color primarily used for this coin.


Brighton Royal Mint Image




Waveney District of Suffolk

Southwold is located on the North Sea in the Waveney District of Suffolk.  This coin features a row of beach houses each colored in its own color.  The small structures have porches and clearly rest on the sand.


Southwold Royal Mint Image




Pembrokeshire, Wales

The fourth coin features larger structures colorized, with two beached boats.  This is a walled city, and the beach is on Carmarthen Bay.  The town itself is a thirteenth century town, and history of the area dates back to the Romans.


Tenby Royal Mint Image



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