Popular Mint Links as a Resource for Coin Collectors

Popular Mint Links as a Resource for Coin Collectors

Links to Mint Sites

A coin mint website exists for many countries, but not all.  Not every country produces its own coins.  Some countries, especially smaller countries, contract their coin production out to larger countries, or even private mints.


Interest in a website is often so a coin collector can order annual sets, such as uncirculated coin sets and proof coin sets, or order commemorative coins.  Another reason to visit a country’s coin website is to see what is available, then plan to purchase elsewhere.


Some countries use central banks to sell collectible coins.  Not every country sells collectible coins.  Collecting circulating coins from some countries, especially smaller countries, is more challenging, and requires a source has access to the coins.


And, even if a country has a mint, sales to your country may not be possible.  Some mints restrict where they ship, others do not.


Gold bullion and silver bullion are another matter.  Some countries show and sell their bullion, but many others do not.  Even some major mints, like the United States Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint, do not sell bullion coins via their websites.  On the other hand, the Royal Mint not only sells bullion, but has a special web address for its bullion division.


North American Coin Source Websites

Three Countries of North America

Canadian coins are produced at the Royal Canadian Mint.  This is an incredibly easy site to order from, and historically has offered free shipping to the United States and Canada on orders over one hundred Canadian dollars.  See collectible Canadian coins at the Royal Canadian Mint.  There is quite a few, and many show the beauty and details of Canada.  It is a site well worth visiting.

Canadian Coin
Canadian Coin

1 oz. Fine Silver Gold-Plated Coin – Legac…

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Price: C$109.95
Sale: C$109.95


United States coins are minted in several locations, but shown and sold online by the United States Mint.  Commemorative coins and sets of collectible coins are released throughout the year.  Here is a nominal shipping fee to United states destinations.  Unfortunately bullion is not available from the website.


Mexican coins can be viewed, and distributors found, by the Banco de Mexico.


Coin Mints We Recommend

Some Other Important Mints

For coins of the United Kingdom there are two websites.  The website for commemorative coins and annual sets is the Royal Mint.  You can buy Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion Coins from Royal Mint Bullion.  This is a very old organization, and is sought out by those looking for British coins, which are known for high quality.


2018 Bullion Coin Range
Royal Mint Bullion Coins


For Australian commemorative coins we recommend the Perth Mint.  Unfortunately, for annual sets you will need to get them from the Royal Australian Mint, where you can also find other commemorative coins.  They do not sell each other’s coins, as a rule.  So, if the coins you desire are minted some by the each you might pay two shipping fees, since your orders cannot be combined.


Another site you might like to visit is the  Monnaie de Paris for French coins.  There is often a plethora of nice coins and sets listed.  nd, some of the topics covered are quite interesting.


The New Zealand Mint currently produced Disney coins for the island nation of Niue, along with other beautiful commemorative coins.  One special feature is the packaging used.  It is frequently elaborate.


The New Zealand Mint is actually a private entity, but does make New Zealand coins.  It also does sell bullion coins.


Another site of interest is that the Vatican produces and sells its own coins.


For other interesting coins look at Israel’s site.  There is a special Old Testament coin set, and other interesting pieces.


For other coin sources we recommend you use the list on Wikipedia.


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