Pocket Coins

Pocket Coins

Pocket Coins Are Often Carried by People

Pocket coins are coins that are special to the owner, and carried in a pocket or purse.  Coin collectors are likely to carry a pocket coin.  So, what is a pocket coin?  It is a coin that has some special meaning to its owner, and is kept with the person.  It might be a coin from a special year, such as the birth of a child or a wedding anniversary.  Whatever the occasion, the coin serves as a reminder of the event.  And, you can even have more than one pocket coin.


A pocket coin should not be an expensive piece.  It will be well worn and likely tp be scratched by other object the person carries.  It will be subject to perspiration, and oils from the fingers when the person reaches into the pocket for any object carried therein.  The significance of a pocket coin is that it has meaning to the owner, not to anyone else.


Pocket Coins Should Not Be Collectible Coins

Pocket Coins Should Be Taken from Change

A pocket coin is not a coin a person would spend a lot of money on.  A circulation coin can be just as important for the reason the coin has a significance to its owner.


Pocket Coins Are Not for Everyone

Some of Us Would Not Do well with One

I am one of the people who would not do well with a pocket coin, so I personally do not carry one.  But I do have two special coins that are not to ever be sold.


My problem with carrying a pocket coin is that I have been known to leave coins in my pocket when my clothes are washed.  A loose, small coin in a washer can cause a rather large repair bill.  I really have to make a point of remembering when I get a single coin in change.  A group of coins are evident when I remove my keys, phone, and glasses case.  I can feel some of them, so I check closely to assure that they are all removed.  But, a single dime, cent, of nickel can be elusive, and escape detection.


My two special coins are an uncirculated Morgen, given to me by my wife.  It was minted exactly one hundred years prior to our wedding, and in the same city.  While a Morgan is large enough to be noticed, and would probably not damage a washing machine, as I already mentioned it would soon become worn.  An uncirculated Morgan dollar is not the coin one would choose to carry in a pocket.


The other coin has had significance, and even was carried daily.  It is a barber half dollar.  The coin is so worn it would have problems grading about good.  Years of being a pocket coin have done quite a bit of damage.


The coin was not carried by me, it was my great grandfather’s coin.  It was passed down after his death to my grandmother, then one day on to me.  If you should ever be given a pocket coin from a passed family member, even if it has little numismatic value, treat it as a great treasure.


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