Piedfort Coins

Piedfort Coins

What Are Piedfort Coins?

Piedfort coins are thick coins.  The technique was originally used by the Monnaie de Paris, the Paris Mint, hundreds of years ago.  The Paris Mint has been minting piedfort coins for centuries.  In fact, some coins from the late twentieth century were minted as piedforts by the Mint of Paris.


According to the Royal Mint website, piedfort coins are usually double the expected thickness.  The word means heavy weight, so a piedfort coin is heavier than expected.


Today, the Royal Mint produces piedfort coins.  The extra thickness allows a mint to produce a coin with a high relief.  Since there is more metal, the coin can be minted into a much nicer piece with an enhanced image.  So, it is not just about adding metal, it also allows for higher quality and greater eye appeal.  But, initially it was the metal content that drove the minting of piedfort coins.  Coins were worth their metal content.


Unfortunately, a search of the Monnaie de Paris website shows no current piedfort coins.


The Piedfort Coins of the United Kingdom

Royal Mint Coins

The Royal Mint is currently the most prolific at producing piedfort, or thick, coins.  There are many listed on the Royal Mint’s website.  Some are from 2018, and others are older.  Not only does the Royal Mint produce individual piedfort proof coins, there is even a silver piedfort proof set available.


Piedfort Silver Proof Set
Piedfort Silver Proof Set Image by the Royal Mint



The Royal Mint silver piedfort coins are proof coins, and why not?  If the added quality is desired, why not add the pressure to the press and mint the thicker coins in proof?


100th Anniversary of the 1918 Representation of the People
100th Anniversary of the 1918 Representation of the People Image by the royal Mint

The Queen’s Beasts coins could be considered piedfort, at least the two-ounce silver coins.  They are about the same diameter as many one-ounce coins, but are quite thick.


Queen's Beast Coin
Queen’s Beast Coin Image by the Royal Mint



The Piedfort Silver Coins of Canada

The Royal Canadian Mint Piedfort Silver Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint occasionally strikes a piedfort coin.  Currently, there is only one on the Royal Canadian Mint’s website for 2018, and very few were struck for the entire year of 2017.


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The Piedfort Coins of France

The Original Leader

There are several piedfort coins from some years back available on the secondary market.  But, a current search of the Monnaie de Paris website indicates no current piedfort issues available.


Initially, hundreds of years ago, the metal content was significant.  Now, while people still like the heavier coins, it is the enhanced imaged that are important.


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