Philharmonic Coins for 2018

Philharmonic Coins for 2018

Philharmonic Coins from Munze Osterreich

Philharmonic coins from the Austrian Mint, Munze Osterreich, are listed on the mint website.  A nice range of gold philharmonic coins for 2018 are out.  Also, the well-known one-ounce silver philharmonic coin is out, and both the one-twenty-fifth and one-ounce platinum coins have been released.


The Austrian philharmonic is a well-respected coin series, and worth consideration.


each coin features the Vienna Philharmonic building on one side and a cluster of musical instruments on the other.  The coin designer is Thomas Pesendorfer.


Currently, the 2018 coins are not yet available at the Royal Mint in the United Kingdom, but the 2017 coins are still on the site.  The Royal Mint does not carry silver bullion except its own.

Gold Philharmonic Coins
Gold Philharmonic Coins Royal Mint Image


The Silver Philharmonic

The Most Affordable Option

The silver philharmonic contain one-ounce of 0.999 fine silver.  It has a denomination of one and a half Euros.

The Platinum Philharmonic Coins

The Other Precious Metal

The platinum philharmonic coin comes in two sizes, the twenty-fifth ounce coin and the one-ounce coin.  The twenty-fifth ounce philharmonic coin has a denomination of four euros, and the one-ounce coin has a denomination of has a denomination of one hundred Euros.  The purity of the platinum coins is 0.9995.

The Gold Philharmonic Coins

Many Sizes

The gold philharmonic coins are minted in one-ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce, tenth-ounce, and twenty-fifth ounce sizes.  The denominations are one hundred, fifty, twenty-five, ten, and four Euros, respectively.


The gold coins are minted with a gold purity of 0.9999, or 24-karar gold.

Fractional Coins

Less than One Ounce

The platinum and gold philharmonic coins come in fractional sizes.  This is significant.  These tend to be quite popular.  The reason is one ounce of gold or platinum is higher in price than many people wish to invest in a single coin.  In addition, if a person has to liquidate a coin with a need for a smaller amount of money, the one-ounce coin cannot be partially converted into money.  The smaller coins can be liquidated one or a few at a time, so the remainder of the investment can remain in the precious metal.  Also, there is a larger market for the smaller coins, making a future sale easier.


While smaller coins have a larger markup by percentage, they can often be sold for a similar markup.  So, owning ten one-tenth ounce coins might cost more than a one-ounce coin of the same metal, but they might be sold later for more than the single one-ounce coin.


Philharmonic Coin Packaging

Gold and Silver Coins

The one-ounce gold and platinum coins and the twenty-fifth ounce platinum coin each comes in a mint package as an option.  All gold and platinum coins are available in a blister pack.  Of course there is the option to not get any packaging.’


There is a collector case available to house the entire gold coin collection, but s bought separately.


The silver coin has the blister pack option.


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