Perth Mint September Releases

Perth Mint September Releases

The Perth Mint September releases will feature six high quality coins for 2019.  These will be coins in the Perth Mint second lunar series, and will be for the Year of the Pig.  The coins will include both silver and gold coins.  The silver coins will be proof issues, and include the half-ounce and one-ounce sizes, along with the kilogram coin.  There will also be a silver three-coin set.  The gold coins will come in the tenth-ounce, quarter-ounce, and one-ounce sizes.  There is also to be a three-coin gold set.  These are also to be proof coins.


The proof coins are minted in lower quantity and higher quality than the bullion coins, so these are more likely to appeal to numismatists who collect the series.

The Perth Mint Australia

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The Perth Mint generally changes the design for the gold and silver coins of the lunar series, giving each metal its distinctive appearance.  It is expected that the Year of the Pig in the Perth Mint September releases will continue this tradition.


The Perth Mint September releases will also continue with several desirable 2018 issues.  The Wedge-Tailed eagle coins that are planned include the one-ounce platinum coin.  This will be a proof coin.  In addition, two high relief Wedge-Tailed Eagle coins are planned, one in silver and the other in gold.  The silver coin will be a ten-ounce coin, and the gold coin will contain five ounces of gold.


The Rare Earth five-ounce silver coin will be interesting.  We await its image, and expect it to be worth having an article in this blog dedicated to it once it is revealed.  This is to be a high relief, silver patina coin.


The other release will be in the Puppies series.  This one will be the English Bulldog, and will be a silver proof coin.  It will contain one-half ounce of silver.  This is part of a six-coin set of colorized coins.


The Perth Mint uses high purity for its precious metal coins.


These coins will be released on the Perth Mint website at 8 a. m. AWST on Tuesday, September 4, 2018.  After that they will be available under Recent Releases.




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