Palladium Coins

Palladium Coins

Palladium Coins Offer an Opportunity

Palladium coins are few, bring mined by only a few major mints.  Yet, palladium is a quite valuable metal.  Certainly, palladium is much more valuable than silver.  As palladium coins are being minted they offer an excellent way to diverse a coin collection.


Palladium is slowly joining platinum and gold as an alternate precious metal used in coin minting.  It is a metal well worth owning, since its value is quite high per ounce.  What is needed for palladium coins to take their place as desired coins is that they become more widely known, and mints to make more palladium coins readily available.


Palladium Coins:  The American Eagle

A Recent Coin Added

The United States Mint has issued a palladium American Eagle coin for the first time in 2017.  This is a very limited issue.  While the mint mentions this coin in its catalogue, it is recommended that an authorized dealer be contacted.  The coin is minted as a bullion coin.  This coin is minted in the one-ounce size.  One dealer that may have palladium bullion coins is J. M. Bullion.  


The United States palladium coin has a denomination of twenty-five dollars.


Palladium Coins:  Maple Leaf

Royal Canadian Mint Issues

The first Canadian palladium coins were issued with the date 2005.  This is a version of the popular Maple Leaf coin.  The Maple Leaf is a popular coin in any precious metal, and that includes palladium.  The palladium Maple Leaf is struck as bullion, and I have seen no evidence of a proof coin having been issued.  The only size available is the one-ounce coin.  As with United States coins, look for bullion coins at an authorized dealer.


The Canadian palladium Maple Leaf coin has a fineness of 0.9995 and a denomination of fifty dollars.

Palladium Coins:  Proof

High Quality Palladium Coins

Palladium proof coins do exist with the desired proof finish.  For proof palladium coins consider the Russian coins, Bermuda coins, Isle of Man coins, Chinese panda coins, and even French coins that have been minted.  So, it is possible to find proof palladium coins.


Palladium Bars and Rounds

Other Palladium Bullion

For smaller size palladium bullion look to the bars and rounds available.  One highly reputable mint is PAMP, the respected mint in Switzerland.  Palladium bars can be found as small as one gram.  Small quantities are more generally affordable.  One ounce of palladium is currently valued over a thousand dollars.


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