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2012 Colorized Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

2012 Colorized Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

This a colorful nickel plated steel oversized twenty-five cent piece.

This coin is from the Royal Canadian Mint, a leader in quality coins.

This coin s accompanied by the mint packaging and a Certificate of Authenticity.


Mintage: Low
Composition: Nickel plated steel
Mint Strike: Uncirculated
Denomination: 25 cents CAD
Commemorative coin

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2013 Australian Antarctic Territories Aurora, 1oz silver coin, glow in dark

2013 Australian Antarctic Territories Aurora

Glow in the Dark

Mintage 7500
1 Ounce 0.999 fine silver
Comes with case, box, and COA
Proof Quality
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2013 Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake, Deadly and Dangerous, 1oz Silver Coin

2013 Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake Deadly and Dangerous, This beautifully enameled coin is part of the Deadly and Dangerous series. The coin comes with a Certificate of Authentication, the original box, and the display case. This coin is currency of Tuvalu. The dollar for Tuvalu is equal in value to the Australian dollar.

Currently, Australia has two operating mints, the Royal Australian Mint that produces Australian circulating coins, and the Perth Mint. Both produce commemorative coins. The Perth Mint is also the main producer of Australian bullion coins. With commemorative coins, each mint produces its own designs, and they do not share production of coins.

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Help protect your 5-ounce silver quarters, America the Beautiful, from physical damage and environmental damage.
These are Ait-Tite capsules.  The packaging helps protect the capsules from damage in shipping.
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