Niobium Coins from Austria and Luxembourg

Niobium Coins from Austria and Luxembourg

Niobium Coins Coming Out June 6

The 2018 niobium coins from the Austrian Mint, Munze Osterreich, are being released June 6, 2018.  Already the 2018 issue is unavailable on the mint’s website.  This is a highly desirable series that began in 2003.  The coins are made with an inner disk of colorized niobium, and an outer ring of silver.


Initially, only one color was used, but more recent coins have been produced with two colors.  The obverse and the reverse of the coin have colorization, and different theme related images.


The 2018 Niobium Coins

The Anthropocene

The theme of the 2018 coin is ecological in nature.  The Anthropocene is what scientists are calling a new epoch.  The name indicates the footprints on man.  This footprint has had a profound effect on the Earth.


The image of the coin is a human footprint on one side, and a human male standing amid trees on the other.  The Earth is in the background, with Europe, Africa, and Asia on the side with the footprint, and the Americas on the side with the human form.


The Niobium Coins Details

The Specifications

The color used is a green that is almost blue for the Earth, and a lighter green for the details.  The designers of the coin are Meg. Melmut Andexinger and Herbert Wahner.  The outer ring is 0.900 silver with a fine weight of none grams.  The total weight of the coin is sixteen and a half grams.  The denomination is twenty-five euros.  The coin is accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity.  Mintage is sixty-five thousand.


Previous Austrian Niobium Coins

Minted by the Austrian Mint

2003: 700 Years of Hall in Tyrol, blue


2004: The 150 Anniversary of the Semmering Railway, green


2005 Issue: Fifty Years of Television, purple


2006: European Satellite Navigation antique gold


2007: Austrian Aviation, green


2008: Fascination Light, pale green


2009: International Year of Astronomy, gold


2010: Renewable Energy, blue


2011: Robotic (robotics), rose


2012: Bionik, rose


2013: Tunnel Construction, blue


Beginning with the issues of 2014, the niobium coins of Austria are in multiple colors.


2014:  evolution, green with blue


2015:  Cosmology, blue with gold


2016:  Time, purple with blue


2017:  Microcosm, green with red


2018 Luxembourg Niobium Coins

Chateau de Koerich

The Austrian Mint also produces niobium and silver coins for Luxembourg.  The theme for the Luxembourg niobium coin series is Castles.  The current castle being represented is Chateau de Koerich.  This coin has a denomination of only five euros.  The coin is red, and unlike the Austrian coins, only one color enhances the niobium.


Previous Niobium Coins for Luxembourg

Series Started in 2009

2009:  Castle of Vanden, green


2010:  Castle of Esch – Sur – Sure, blue


2011:  Le Chateau de Mersch, gold


2012:  Castle Bourscheid, dark purple


2013:  Beauford, green


2014:  Castle Larochette, gold


2015:  Castle of Brandenbourg, blue


2016:  Castle of Clervaux, purple


2017:  Castle of Useldange, blue


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