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There are some nice Nicaraguan coins.  The commemorative Nicaraguan coins are especially important.  These coins fill a need.


Commemorative coins are often vehicles through which a country can showcase its scenery, culture, or history.  North American commemorative coins abound.  The same is true of many coins from many countries from Europe, and the South Pacific region.  Some African nations have issued commemorative coins.  But Nicaragua is a Central America country, and has its own rich culture and scenery.  It is a positive that a Central American country steps up and mints some nice, and educational, coins.  These coins give an important view of the region.


Nicaraguan Coins Types

What Currency Did Nicaragua Have?

The first Nicaraguan coins were reals.  The real was a common coin of Spanish held territories in the western hemisphere.  Smaller coins, the centavos, were also of importance, as were the pesos.  In 1912 the first cordoba coins were authorized.  Currently the Nicaraguan coins have evolved to the third Cordoba, which had its origin in 1991.  The second Cordoba had a brief period of being minted with a range of years from 1988 to 1991.


The Obverse of Nicaraguan Coins

The Image Common to Most Nicaraguan Coins

Unlike many nations, the image on the obverse varies, but often includes the Coat of Arms of Nicaragua.  The Coat of Arms of Nicaragua may be depicted in different images.  And, in a few instances the coat of arms is not used.  For the most part even older coins have generally had the Coat of Arms of Nicaragua on their obverses.


2018 Nicaraguan Commemorative Coin


The New Zealand Mint has released a 2018 coin that features a jaguar in its natural habitat.  The coin is being issued for the Central Bank of Nicaragua.  This s a one-ounce fine silver coin minted with a purity of 0.999.  The coin is beautifully colorized.  This is a proof coin.  Mintage is limited to five thousand pieces.  The denomination is one hundred cordobas.  The coin comes in a wooden case and a box.


This coin is advertised on the New Zealand Mint’s website as the first coin in the Wildlife of Nicaragua Coin Collection.  There is no indication of how many coins are planned for the collection, or the pace at which the series is to be issued.


Other Colorized Commemorative Coins

Nicaragua Coins from Past Years

There are other Nicaraguan colorized coins.  In 2017 a beautiful coin featuring the Mombacho Volcano in Sterling silver, or 0.925 silver, was issued.  The title of this coin is Mombacho Volcano, Natural Wonders.  The coin is rather small, being only thirteen and a half grams.  But, the image is spectacular.  The “Natural Wonders” seems to indicate a coin series, so perhaps other coins may be issued.  This is something to watch for over the rest of the year.


In 2010 several versions of the fiftieth anniversary of the Central Bank of Nicaragua commemorative coin were issued, one in fine silver, one in twenty-four karat gold, and one in a base metal.  This coin features a colorful tropical bird on a branch overlooking a cluster of white flowers.  The colorized silver coin is quite an attractive piece.  The copper-nickel version of this coin that is also colorized.  The gold version of this coin is not colorized, but utilizes the same image.


Other Commemorative Coins

Many Are Not Colorized

Many other commemorative coins have been issued by the Central Bank of Nicaragua.  They vary in denominations, some as low as 1 cordoba, some as high as ten thousand cordobas.  The silver commemorative coins have been minted in various purities of silver, with quite a few Sterling silver coins.  Some are fine silver coins, and some are of lower purity.


There are fewer gold commemorative Nicaraguan coins, but those that have been minted have different purities of gold.


Interest in coins from the region of Central America exists, and some of these commemorative coins of Nicaragua should have coins of interest to many collectors.


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