New Silver Coins from Canada Majestic Wildlife

New Silver Coins from Canada Majestic – Wildlife from RCM

Majestic Wildlife Silver Coins and Subscription

Majestic wildlife is a new series of silver coins from the Royal Canadian Mint.  These coins are wonderfully done, with artful images.  Can you imagine a better setting for wildlife that the Canadian Rockies?  The backgrounds of these coins are themselves works of art.


This will be a three-coin set of fine silver coins.  Short sets are easy to collect.  And knowing at the beginning of starting the collection that there will be only three coins in it is a real plus for collectors.  Even better is that the series will complete in April with the third release.


The Silver Coins of the Majestic Wildlife Series

The Beautiful Animals Chosen

The coins’ images are all released by the Royal Canadian Mint.  We can see the coins as they will appear when they are issued.


The first coin is Courageous Cougar.  The coin shows a cougar standing on a rocky area, with trees and mountains in the background.  The cougar is vividly colored in brown and white.  This is the February, 2018, release.


The second coin is to be Wandering White-Tailed Deer.  This coin has a brown white-tailed deer standing in colorful red, gold, and green foliage, with tree trunks apparent in the background.  This is the March, 2018, issue.


The third and final coin of the series follows in April, 2018.  The title of this coin is Mettlesome Mountain Goat.  A splendidly colored white mountain goat is shown climbing a rocky area above the trees.  Majestic mountains are evident in the background.


The obverse of each coin is the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, as one would expect with any modern Canadian coin.

Royal Canadian Mint Majestic Wildlife Set
Royal Canadian Mint Majestic Wildlife Set

Majestic Wildlife – 1 oz. Pure Silver Colo…

A gorgeous majestic animal 3-coin series! Order today! [More]

Price: C$104.95
Sale: C$104.95
Royal Canadian Mint Majestic Wildlife Courageous Cougar
Royal Canadian Mint Majestic Wildlife Courageous Cougar

1 oz. Pure Silver Coloured Coin – Majestic…

First coin in new Majestic Wildlife series! Order today! [More]

Price: C$104.95
Sale: C$104.95


Majestic Wildlife Silver Coins Specifications

The Details

The Majestic Wildlife silver coins are minted with a proof finish, but also include special multiple finishes designed by the innovative Royal Canadian Mint to add depth and dimension.


The coins in this series are minted on one Troy ounce planchets that have a purity of 0.9999 fine silver.


Mintage for each coin is limited to six thousand coins.


Each of these coins comes with a serialized certificate of authenticity.


These coins will join a multitude of other animal themed coins of the Royal Canadian Mint, and give an insight into the great beauty of Canada.  In addition to these coins, a 2018 addition of paw prints on the edge series is also available.  That coin is the Wolf.


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