New Platinum Coin from the Royal Mint

New Platinum Coin from the Royal Mint

Britannia Platinum Coin Released

A new platinum coin joins the already impressive bullion list of the Royal Mint coins for 2018.  This is a platinum Britannia coin.  The Britannia, along with the Sovereign, are old, well established coins of the United Kingdom.  Now, using the same familiar Britannia image, the Royal Mint has added a platinum coin to its offerings.  This is a coin well worth considering.


The New Platinum Coin

The Specifications

This platinum coin is part of the Britannia series.  This coin has a denomination of one hundred British pounds.  Each coin comes in an individual capsule.  The Britannia platinum coin is minted with a purity of 0.9995, not 0.9999.  This is fairly common with platinum coins.


The reverse features a guilloche design, which is a repeated pattern mechanically engraved.


The obverse of the coin features the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.


This coin is being minted to the high standards of the Royal Mint.


The reverse of the coin features the image taken from the portrait of Britannia by Philip Nathan.


Other Platinum Coins from the Royal Mint

The Queen’s Beasts Platinum Coin Series

Each of the coins in The Queen’s Beasts coin series has a platinum coin minted as a bullion coin.  It appears two different coins in the ten-coin series are being released annually.  So, there already are two platinum coins likely to be released annually.  Now, with the platinum Britannia, there are three platinum coins expected on an annual basis.


Platinum Coin – Britannia



Only One Size Platinum Coin Minted

Fractional Coins Are Still Not Offered

The Royal Mint, unlike the United States Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint, produces only one size coin in platinum. This is true for The Queen’s Beasts coins, and for the Britannia. The problem with this is that the coin is one Troy ounce, which at the current price of platinum leaves many coin collectors unable to afford such a large coin.  It will appeal to those amassing bullion, but it would have a greater appeal if fractional coins would be minted.


At this time there does not appear to be a proof version of this platinum coin.


Even though this coin will have a limited number of collectors able to afford it, the coin is a welcome addition to the Britannia series.  And the fact it is sold right on the Royal Mint Bullion’s website is a real plus.

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