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New Coin Releases:

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New from the Royal Mint

The Falcon of the Plantagenets
The Falcon of the Plantagenets

The Queen;s Beasts Falcon of the Plantagenets  coins from the Royal Mint, the Year of the Pig coins from the Royal Mint, and the bullion Year of the Pig from Royal Mint Bullion are now available.




This list of new coin releases will be updated regularly.  To assist you we also have links to new coin releases for several mints.


The Rare Earth coin from the Perth Mint is expected to be delayed by about six weeks.  It was scheduled as a September release.


The Royal Canadian Mint has released a number of interesting coins in August, 2018.  A nice, unique set is the silver, colorized proof coins and medallion that commemorate the 110th anniversary of the mint.  For more information read here.


Also released:

Bronze Age of DC Comics Coin, available at!


Canada Historical Stamp Coins, available at!


Read about very early 2019 coin releases.


The Royal Canadian Mint is set to release a special 30th anniversary silver Maple Leaf at the World;s Fair of Money.  Read More here.




The South African Mint is close to releasing silver bullion Krugerrand coins.  This is the first year silver bullion Krugerrands are being released.  In past years silver quality coins were minted.


The Royal Australian Mint has released two coins commemorating the 25th anniversary of the kangaroo series.  One is a five-ounce silver coin enhanced with gold plating, the other is a one-ounce gold coin.  For more information please see our atricle.


This list of new coin releases will be updated regularly.  To assist you we also have links to new coin releases for several mints.


The Royal Mint has a new size and a new look for its Proof Britannia coins.  Now it comes in a one-kilogram silver coin.  Proof Britannia coins now have a distinctive look of Britannia’s profile, and is different from the brilliant uncirculated and the bullion Britannia coins.  Read more here.

Britannia Image by and link to the royal Minticon
Britannia Image by and link to the Royal Mint



The United States Mint


The Royal Mint


The Royal Canadian Mint

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The Perth Mint


Monnaie de Paris


We will also often provide you with a direct path to the coin or an article on the coin.


News of other interesting coins will also be included, and readers are encouraged to add to the comments any coin of interest to our readers.


From the United States Mint

New Coin Releases for July, 2018

The July, 2018, releases include the just two items.  One is the one-ounce gold American Eagle uncirculated coin.  The second is likely to cause quite a stir in the numismatic world, a first ever silver reverse proof set.  We will add details once the mint adds them.


From the Royal Mint in the United Kingdom

The first of three Captain Cool coins is now available.  The others will come out in 2019 and 2020, respectively..


The Paddington Bear coins are relatively new.


Coins in the Peter Rabbit series continue to come out.


From the Royal Canadian Mint

New Coin Releases from Canada

The Royal Canadian Mint has just released a multitude of interesting coins.


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The One-Ounce colorized Silver Maple Leaf coin with the words of O’ Canada is available.


Evolving a Nation is a silver coin with emblems from Canada’s past and future.  There are cut-out maple leaf symbols around the coin.  This coin is unique.


The 150th Anniversary of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada coin is a colorful coin that contains an actual fragment of a meteorite.


The Heraldic Emblems of Canada set contains fourteen beautiful coins.


There is a gold Symbols of the North coin.


Canada’s Coasts subscription is a three square coin set representing the Canadian coasts.


Maple Tree Tunnel is a beautifully colorized coin showing a road through maple trees.  Use of a black light transforms the bright daylight scene into a night scene.


Canadian Mosaics:  Caribou is a silver coin with its reverse covered with translucent glass.  This is a new innovation in coin minting.

we now have an article on this coin, the first of three.


Good Luck Charms:  Five Blessings is inspired by ancient Chinese culture.


Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine features an eponymous space station.  It is a unique coin.


Murano’s Best is a three-coin set of colorful, five-ounce silver coins featuring colorful flowers and Murano glass elements that represent insects.


Thirtieth Anniversary of the Platinum Maple Leaf is a coin shaped like a maple leaf.


Also is another in the Thirteen Teachings of Grandmother Moon:  Raspberry Moon.


The August Birthstone coin is now available.


The First World War Allies:  Newfoundland silver coin gilded with gold is available.


The Second world war Battlefront:  Invasion of Sicily coin features a soldier on a motorcycle.


The 110th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mint is a two-ounce silver coin beautifully colorized.  This is the last of the three-dimensional gate coins.


From the Big Coin Series: 2-Dollar Piece is a five ounce silver coin enhanced with rose gold.


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Perth Mint

New Coin Releases for July, 2018.

The Perth Mint expects to release a multitude of coins on July 3 at 8 a. m. AWST.

The releases will include:

Australian Kangaroo 2018 5oz Silver Proof High Relief Coin,

Australian Kangaroo 2018 1oz High Relief Silver Proof Coin,

Australian Kangaroo 2018 1oz Gold Proof High Relief Coin,

Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle 2018 1oz Silver Proof Coin,

Puppies – Golden Retriever 2018 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin,

Good Luck Rotating Charm 2018 1oz Silver Antiqued Coin,

Diwali Festival 2018 1g Gold Coin,

Diwali Festival 2018 1oz Silver Coin,

Stock Horse 2018 5oz Gold Proof Coin,

Star Trek: The Original Series – Ships 2018 2oz Silver Proof Coin, and

Dragon 2018 5oz Silver Antiqued Coin.

The list above is taken from the Perth Mint’s release found on the web.

Once these coins are released they should be available at the Perth Mint New Releases.

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