Murano Glass and Silver Coin

Murano Glass and Silver Coin

Murano Glass and Silver Coin Finishes Series

The Caterpillar Murano glass and silver coin is the third and final coin in the Little Creatures series by the Royal Canadian Mint.  This is an impressive coin of great beauty, featuring A Murano glass element.  The Murano glass element is a caterpillar.  This coin has a colorful pink flower, and the caterpillar is set on a leaf.  The Murano glass and silver coin has a distinctive piece of Murano glass mounted on a silver coin, making this a three-dimensional coin.


Each Murano Glass and Silver Coin Is Unique

Murano Glass Is Hand Blown

Each piece of Murano glass, while it is shaped like a monarch caterpillar, is slightly different from the others.  The fact each monarch caterpillar is hand blown makes the coins slightly different.  This make each coin unique.


Caterpillar Coin Specifications

The Details

The coin is minted by the Royal Canadian Mint and dated 2018.  The coin is 0.9999 fine silver with a Murano glass element.  The coin is colorized.  The finish on the coin is proof.  The weight of each coin is 31.39 grams.  The coin has a denomination of twenty dollars Canadian.  The mintage for this coin is just five thousand, the lowest mintage of any of the three coins in the series.  Actually, mintage of the first coin is highest, then the second coin is less, and finally the mintage of this coin is least.


Each coin comes with a serialized certificate of authenticity.  The artist for the reverse of the coin is Maurice Gervais, and the artist of the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II is Susanna Blunt.  The effigy is on the obverse of the coin.

Monarch Caterpillar Murano Glass Silver Coin
Monarch Caterpillar Murano Glass Silver Coin Royal Canadian Mint Image

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Price: C$154.95
Sale: C$154.95



The Older Coins of the Series

The First Two Coins

The first coin of the series is the 2016 Snail.  The second coin in the series is the 2017 Dogbane Beetle.


The older pieces are currently referred to as having Murano glass elements.  However, when they were issued they were referred to as having Venetian glass elements.  And, their listings on the Royal Canadian Mint’s website still uses the Venetian glass designation on their pages, but Murano glass on the 2018 coin’s page.



Dogbane Beetle Murano Glass Silver Coin
Dogbane Beetle Murano Glass Silver Coin Image by Royal Canadian Mint

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Snail Murano Glass Silver Coin
Snail Murano Glass Silver Coin Image by royal Canadian Mint

1 oz. Fine Silver Coin – Venetian Glass Sn…

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Price: C$149.95
Sale: C$149.95



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Price: C$151.95
Sale: C$151.95



Murano Glass and Venetian Glass

Is There a Difference?

The short answer is they are not essentially different.  The glass is made by a process whereby a group of additives are added to the molten glass, which is kept molten overnight.  The glass develops small bubbles that rise, and  the bubbles assume a random distribution.


The difference in names comes from a relocation of the glass makers in the thirteenth century from Venice to Murano, an island approximately one mile away.


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