Monarchy Coins Commemorating Milestones in History

Monarchy Coins Commemorating Milestones in History

Monarchy Coins Have Collectors

Monarchy coins, those numismatic coins that celebrate the British Monarchy, have collectors for them and those who will have nothing to do with them.  Indeed, even in the United States there are those drawn to the pageantry of the British Royalty, and those who would not miss them if they vanished.  In the United Kingdom it is even more intense for people to either love the Royal Family or wish an end to the monarchy.


So, why do the Royal Mint, the Pobjoy Mint, the Perth Mint, and the Royal Canadian Mint produce monarchy themed coins?  A mint must serve the entire numismatic population, so if there are monarchy lovers there will be monarchy coins.


Many nations include the effigy of the reigning monarch on the obverse of their coins.  That alone will not make a coin a monarchy coin.  It is the reverse that determines the theme of the coin.


Monarchy Coins of the Royal Mint

The Monarchy Collection

The Royal Mint has two themes for monarchy coins of 2018.


Four Generations of Royalty
Four Generations of Royalty Royal Mint Image



The first coin is titled Four Generations of Royalty.  The coin’s reverse features the four members of the Royal Family by initial.  Top center is E for Elizabeth, the reigning queen.  Second row is a C for Charles and a W for William.  Bottom center is a G for George.  Above the E, C, and W are crowns, each different from the others.  These coins come in gold, silver, and base metal.  The coins, including the piedfort silver coin, are minted in proof, with the singular exception of the uncirculated base metal coin.  The five-pound brilliant uncirculated coin is mounted on a mint card that features the four subjects of the coin and Prince Philip.  Each of the proof precious metal coins come is a beautiful case.


The Royal Wedding Coin
The Royal Wedding Coin Royal Mint Image



The second monarchy coin out for 2018 is titled Royal Wedding.  It features Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  This coin is available in gold, silver, and silver piedfort proof, and a base metal coin mounted in a folder.


Older coins from other milestones can also be found on the Royal Mint website.


Monarchy Coins from Other Mints

Monarchy Coins from the Commonwealth

Other countries of the commonwealth also have issued monarchy coins.


The Perth Mint in Australia has quite a collection available, many from past years.  The Royal Wedding is being commemorated with a silver proof coin that is beautifully colorized.  It is a striking piece.  In addition, the sixtieth-fifth anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II is available on a silver proof coin that features a number 65 in a shield under a crown.  Also, a gold coin is available to commemorate the seventieth Royal Wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

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The Royal Canadian Mint also has a Royal Wedding silver proof coin.  It has Swarovski crystals included in it.

Royal Wedding
Royal Wedding

1 oz. Pure Silver Coin made with Swarovski…

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Price: C$104.95
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Royal Wedding Royal Canadian Mint Image

In addition, two other royalty coins were issued for 2018.  One, the Royal Family features  Elizabeth and Charles.  Then, there is a Royal Broach coin is a beautiful addition.


Royal Family
Royal Family

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Price: C$109.95
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The Pobjoy issues coins for many Nations in the commonwealth, and has produced some interesting royalty coins.


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