Mini Roo Gold Coin

Mini Roo Gold Coin

Mini Roo Gold Coin from Australia

The Mini Roo gold coin from Australia is a coin that has been first minted several years ago.  This is a con of the Perth Mint.  The coin is about as small as a coin can get, weighing just one half gram, or about one sixtieth of a Troy ounce.  This is incredibly small, yet the coin has a function.  It is within the reach of many coin collectors who normally would not have much of a chance of buying gold.


The Mini Roo Gold Coin Specifications

The Details

The Mini Roo is minted with no limit to the mintage.  The current 2018 Mini Roo is already out, having been released very early in January by the Perth Mint.  It is minted with a purity of 0.9999 gold.  One half gram is equivalent to approximately 0.016 Troy ounce.  The denomination is $2 AUD.


The image on the reverse of the Mini Roo is of two kangaroos.  The obverse has the image of queen Elizabeth II, just as all Australian coins have.


This coin comes mounted on a mint card, which is important.  Due to its small size it would be easily lost if it were not on a card.  The capsule that contains the coin is important in preserving the coin, and possibly in providing some magnification.

The Perth Mint Australia

The Value of the Mini Roo

Why Would Anyone Want to Own One?

Because the gold content of the Mini Roo is so small, the coin is rather cheap for gold.  So, if a gold coin is desired this is an excellent way to add a gold coin to a collection.  Compared with gold coins of other mints, it is perhaps the smallest.  I certainly know of no other coin equally small.  The smallest gold coin minted by the royal Canadian Mint is about one twenty-fifth of an ounce of gold, or about 1.24 grams.


This article is being added to the blog in case someone is interested in the Mini Roo.  Since the Perth Mint has minted these in multiple years there must be an interest.  As for value, larger gold coins are usually priced closer to the value of the gold they contain.


The problem is that even though the coin is rather cheap, it does not come close to the actual value of the gold within it.  A half gram of gold is much cheaper than one can expect to pay for a Mini Roo.  Still, it is the best way to own a small piece of gold.


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