Lunar Silver Coin: Opal Insert

Lunar Silver Coin: Opal Insert

Lunar Silver Coin: Opal Insert – Year of the Dog

The Lunar Silver Coin with an opal insert has just been released by the Perth Mint, Australia’s primary mint for commemorative coins.  This is the 2018 coin for the Year of the Dog.  While the Perth Mint produces other silver lunar coins, this one is special, with an opal inserted in the center of a fine silver coin.  And, it is far more affordable than the gemstone edition that contains a sapphire.


The image of the dog is viewed through the opal.  The special case that contains the coin has a light.  The light turns on when the case is opened.  The opal then refracts light and shows off its beauty.


Lunar Silver Coin with Opal Specifications

Details about the Coin

The coin itself is 99.99 percent fine silver.  Coins are one Troy ounce, and limited to five thousand pieces.  The finish is proof-quality.  The coin is accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity.  The obverse of the coin contains the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.


This is the third coin in the Lunar Opal Series.  Previous issues include the 2016 Year of the Monkey coin, and the 2017 Year of the Rooster coin.  Both previous issues have sold out.


Other Silver Coins with Opals

Monkey Opal Lunar Silver Coin
Monkey Opal Lunar Silver Coin

The Australian Opal Series

Before minting the lunar coins with embedded opals, the Perth Mint produced the Australian Opal Series, a series of eight coins containing opals.  They were released at a rate of two per year.  The 2012 coins in this series were the Koala and the Wombat.  The 2013 issues were the Kangaroo and the Pygmy Possum.  The 2014 issues were the Tasmanian Devil and the Masked Owl.  Finally, the 2014 issues were Rough-Scaled Python and the Ghost Bat.


Other Lunar Silver Coins Available at the Perth Mint

Year of the Dog

The Opal coin joins many other Year of the Dog coins you might be interested in.  There is a one-ounce fine silver proof coin.  The proof coins are quite popular.  Then, there is the one-ounce fine silver gilded coin.  The gold makes the coin really special.  Of course there are gold proof and  gold colorized proof quality coins available.  There are also colorized coins available in different sizes.  But, the really special coin is the colorized one-kilogram coin with a sapphire set in the dog’s eye, part of the Silver Gemstone edition.


For those who would like a high relief coin, there is a fine silver high relief Year of the Dog coin and a gold high relief coin available.  And, for something even more different there is the four-coin set of square coins, each featuring a different dog image.


The Lunar Silver Year of the Dog coin with an opal insert joins these other lunar coins from the Perth Mint.


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